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Friday June 26, 2015

Brace for Impact: Synod of Doom Smuggles Kasper Proposal Back onto Synod Floor

by Christopher A. Ferrara

From its very beginning the “Synod on the Family” has been operating as a forum in which the Modernist enemies of the family plot and scheme in secrecy or semi-secrecy to find some way to overturn the Church’s perennial discipline barring public adulterers — the divorced and “remarried” or cohabitating couples — from receiving Holy Communion. The conspirators also seek to create an “opening” to “gays” and their “unions.” They are authorized by Francis to advance their scheme under the cover of anonymous addresses, creating what Francis calls a “protected space”-meaning a place where they can plot and scheme against the Church without having their names revealed to the Catholic faithful.

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Christopher A. Ferrara is an attorney specializing in First Amendment and other civil rights litigation on behalf of Catholics. His articles and commentary on Catholic Church affairs have appeared in The Latin Mass magazine, The Remnant, Christian Order, Catholic Family News, The Fatima Crusader magazine and elsewhere. He is co-author (with Thomas Woods) of The Great Facade, a widely acclaimed analysis of changes in the Church since Vatican II. He and his wife Wendy, a convert from Protestantism, have six children.

James W. Bannister was born in Toronto, Canada and earned degrees in Arts and Law from the University of Toronto. He practiced law in Canada for 12 years, then moved into business management consulting, training and teaching. Jim has taught and practiced the art of communication for nearly a quarter of a century, working in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. He was a convert to Catholicism before Vatican II and is dedicated to restoring the Church to what it was when he was baptized. He has been working with Our Lady's Apostolate since 1990.