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"Conversion" of Russia Update:

Putin Completes Seizure of Opposition TV Station

by Christopher A. Ferrara

For many years now the anti-Fatima establishment has been peddling the line that the “fall of communism” is a “miracle” which must be the result of the Pope’s “consecration of Russia” in 1984 — a “consecration” which did not even mention Russia and in which the world’s bishops did not participate. Meanwhile, the evidence continues to pile up that the “miracle” is really a nightmare in the making.

This column will be covering the almost daily revelations about the true condition of Russia since the “consecration” of 1984. One of the major aspects of this developing story is the manner in which Vladimir Putin is quietly undoing Russia’s supposed transformation into a democracy — a change which was always more apparent than real.

On February 5, 2000 the Associated Press reported that Putin has completed his seizure of Russia’s largest television company, ORT, following the arrest of its head, Boris Berezovsky on assorted trumped-up charges.

Putin has packed the Board of Directors of the station with five new members, all hand-picked by the Moscow regime, which means that all 11 seats on the board are now occupied by state representatives. Moscow has used middlemen to acquire all of the stock in the station. As a result, the Interfax news agency reports that, according to board member Shabdurasulov, “the government has established de facto control over ORT.”

Meanwhile, as if by coincidence, Vladimir Gusinsky, is trying to avoid state takeover of Russia’s largest private television station, NTV. Gusinsky is under house arrest in Spain, fighting extradition to Russia on “fraud” charges. Gusinsky claims Putin has used the criminal process to take control of NTV so as to end its independent, critical coverage of Putin’s policies.

With even the liberal secular journalist William Safire reporting that the Russian media are under constant surveillance by the KGB (which has a new name for its old operations), and that Russian news reporters have an amazingly high death rate from “accidents”, the notion that Russia has undergone a “miraculous” transformation into a democracy is increasingly difficult to maintain in the face of reality.

But denying reality is the stock and trade of those who tell us that the story of Fatima was concluded with the 1984 “consecration” and the revelation of the “Third Secret” this past June. If what we are witnessing in Russia today were the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Message of Fatima would have to be considered a great deception. Since Heaven cannot deceive us, however, it is obvious where the real deception lies.