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A Simple Plan

by Christopher A. Ferrara

In the French suburbs today there is a new sign of the fast-approaching end times. Gangs of youths, numbering in the hundreds, suddenly appear in public areas and beat each other to a bloody pulp with baseball bats. This is France I am talking about. Catholic France — or what was once Catholic France.

On June 17, 1689, Our Lord appeared to Sister Mary Margaret Alacoque to ask for the Consecration of France to His Sacred Heart. In an eerie foreshadowing of what is happening today with the consecration of Russia, the successive kings of France somehow failed to carry out Our Lord’s command. One hundred years later to the day, the Third Estate stripped King Louis XVI of his power. Later, in his jail cell, King Louis attempted to consecrate France to the Sacred Heart. Like the many attempted “consecrations” of Russia, it did not suffice. The next day King Louis was guillotined. And now, some 200 years later, what is left of France descends into barbarism.

When one really thinks about it, God does not ask very much of us at all; and He always gives us the means to do whatever He asks. The consecration of France to the Sacred Heart was a very small thing to ask. Just a short ceremony in public, a few words uttered in obedience to the divine command, and incalculable human suffering could have been avoided. But it was not to be. Man, in the mystery of iniquity, had found a way to complicate the simple plan of Heaven.

Today the Pope is told by his advisors told that the consecration of Russia can be accomplished in any way except a ceremony in which Russia is actually mentioned by name. To mention Russia, they say, would be imprudent and a setback to “ecumenical relations” with the Russian Orthodox — who would sooner stone the Pope than ever submit to him as the Vicar of Christ. So once again the simple plan of Heaven is complicated by the designs of men. And once again the world endures incalculable suffering which could have been avoided if we had simply done precisely as we were told.

Hasn’t it always been that way with man? The upsetting of Heaven’s simple plan began in the Garden, when God told our first parents that they would have the whole world, and all the good things in it, if they would only refrain from eating the fruit of the one forbidden tree. So simple. And yet they did not obey.

In 1931 at Rianjo, Spain, Our Lord spoke to Sister Lucy and said to her: “Make it known to My ministers, that given they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command, like him they will follow him into misfortune.” And so they have, and so have we all as a result. But far greater misfortune is still to come, unless and until Heaven’s simple plan is fulfilled. “They will repent and do it [the Consecration], but it will be late,” said Our Lord to Sister Lucy on the same occasion.

Let us hope that particular prophecy is fulfilled very soon.