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“Conversion of Russia” Update:

Putin’s Wife Calls Him a Vampire

by Christopher A. Ferrara

In their incessant effort to bury the Message of Fatima, the neo-Catholic, anti-Fatima establishment would have us believe anything. One of the trial balloons they floated awhile back was that Vladimir Putin is a “Christian”, because (so we are told) he was secretly baptized during childhood by an Orthodox priest. That this “Christian” presides over a political regime of legalized abortion (3.5 million abortions a year) and official state atheism does not seem to disturb the Fatima revisionists — but then, the evidence never does.

Well, now Putin’s own wife has waded in with her own assessment of dear Vladimir. According to a UPI report of February 23, 2001, a new book written by the best friend of Putin’s wife claims that “Lyudmila, wife of Russian President Vladimir Putin, thinks he is a vampire, and mourns the fact that the former KGB agent went back into espionage as head of Russia’s Federal Security Service in 1998… “But it’s not all bad, says Lyudmila: “He is just the right man for me — he doesn’t drink and he doesn’t beat me.” Hey, count your blessings! A Russian leader who is not a drunk and a wife-beater. Just another of those “miracles” which have abounded in Russia since the “consecration” of 1984.

By the way, the Federal Security service that Putin heads as President of Russia is the same operation that paid Robert Hanssen all that money over the past 15 years for some of America’s most vital classified information. It used to be called the KGB, but like everything else in Russia it has changed its name in order to beguile what Lenin called the “useful idiots” of the West. Today’s useful idiots include the Fatima revisionists, who are still marveling about the “miraculous” transformation of Russia into a flowering democracy — at the very moment Putin is fastening iron manacles on the press and opposition parties.

It seems Lyudmila is no model Christian either. Old Vladimir complains about “his wife’s obsession with horoscopes”, and has declared “that anyone who could stay with her for three weeks deserved a monument.” We are supposed to believe that the rise of this lovely couple to the summit of Russian power is a harbinger of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary? Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Lyudmila offers an interesting insight into the “miracle” of the “fall of communism” peddled by the Fatima revisionists: “My husband always goes to Finland when he has something important to say,” Lyudmila confided. “He doesn’t think there is anywhere in Russia where you can speak without being overheard.”

So not even the President of Russia feels safe in his own country. How much longer will this insane comedy go on before the Fatima revisionists admit they are wrong? And how much longer will the proper consecration of what Sister Lucy called “that poor nation” be delayed? Only God knows, but from this Fatima perspective I hope it is not very long.