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“Conversion of Russia” Update:

Russia Now a World Capital of Child Porn

by Christopher A. Ferrara

A recent report by Associated Press reveals that Russia, along with Indonesia, is becoming a world center for the production of child pornography. The “conversion of Russia” just gets more “miraculous” by the day, doesn’t it?

AP reports that in Moscow there is a child pornography ring working in connection with another pornography ring in Texas. The Russian child pornographers are grossing about $1.4 million a month and their operation is virtually unrestricted by Russian law, which “does not distinguish between child pornography and pornography involving adults.” Under Russian law, this diabolical exploitation of children is treated “as a minor crime”, according to Dimitry Chepchugov, head of Russia’s Interior Ministry. Chepchugov notes that even if the ten child pornographers now being “investigated” by Russian authorities are charged, they will receive “no more than two years in prison if convicted.”

AP further reports that “Russian police officials complain about the legal chaos that has turned Russia into an international center of child pornography production.” Says Chepchugov: “Unfortunately, Russia has turned into a world trash bin of child pornography.” That’s the Russian Minister of the Interior speaking, folks.

So, here we stand some seventeen years after the “consecration” of Russia, which the Vatican apparatus assures us was somehow accomplished without a single mention of the place by the Pope or the bishops. Since the “consecration” of 1984 abortion rates have skyrocketed in Russia, along with violent crime, alcoholism, and now, child pornography production.

Ah, but we must no longer seek the consecration of Russia, say Msgr. Bertone and Cardinal Ratzinger at the Vatican. That is over and done with. Father Gruner and everyone who agrees with him must be silent. Yes, there has been a consecration of the world at least twice in 1982 and 1984. And last October there was an “entrustment” of the Third Millennium to Our Lady — along with the unemployed and “young people in search of meaning.” Anything and anyone but Russia. Anything but what the Mother of God specifically requested.

Sad to say, Fatima revisionism has now crept into the Pope’s own semi-official newspaper. In a recent edition of L’Osservatore Romano a writer by the name of Luciano Alimandi refers to “the collegial consecration of the world, according to the request of the Madonna of Fatima (25 March 1984).” Of course, the Madonna of Fatima requested the consecration of Russia, and L’Osservatore Romano itself reported (in May 1982) that Sister Lucy exclaimed “No, never!” when asked if Our Lady had ever mentioned consecrating the world.

But what importance could one little word like “Russia” have, even if it was uttered by the Mother of God? Russia, the world. What’s the difference? We should just be glad for the consecration of Russia — the world, whatever — in 1984. After all, look at all the good the “consecration of Russia” has done for the Russian economy. The child pornography business has never been better.