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“Conversion of Russia” Update:

Georgian Catholics Cannot Recover Parishes

by Christopher A. Ferrara

As reported recently by KESTON/CWNews.com “Catholic authorities in the former Soviet republic of Georgia are being frustrated in their efforts to build parish churches because of the opposition of the Orthodox Church.”

According to Georgi Tskhomelidze, secretary to the head of the “apostolic administration” of the Caucasus (the Vatican avoids the term dioceses so as not to offend the Orthodox), a Catholic parish of some 250 members is “currently unable to build a church in the city.… Since the local Orthodox bishop is opposed to the construction of the church, it cannot go ahead.”

The local Catholic bishop, Bishop Giuseppe, “intends to take the matter to court.” Lots of luck.

Meanwhile, in “the southern town of Akhaltsikhe the local authorities are likewise obstructing construction of a Catholic church upon land purchased by the city’s 150-strong parish.” A letter from the mayor’s office states that permission must be obtained from the Georgian Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church. So, in Georgia the Catholic Church must obtain permission from the Orthodox Church in order to build a parish, and the permission is not forthcoming.

This is not even to mention the efforts by Catholics to recover the church properties stolen from their ancestors during the Stalin years and turned over to Stalin’s KGB-controlled Orthodox toadies. CWN notes that “in Kutaisi, Gori, Batumi, Ude, and Ivlita, former Catholic church buildings [which were stolen from the Catholics in the 1940’s] were handed over to the Orthodox Church during the period 1989-90. When the Catholic Church asked for their return during informal discussions with representatives of the Georgian Orthodox Church, a formal bilateral commission was set up to examine the issue. However, that commission decided not to return the Catholic parish properties.” What a surprise. According to Orthodox Archpriest Levan Pirtskhalaishvili, since the buildings have now been consecrated to Orthodox worship, “these churches were now official Orthodox parishes, and could not be ‘given away’.”

How much more evidence must be presented before the dupes of Fatima revisionism admit that the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart remains undone? How much longer will they go on insulting Our Lady of Fatima and Her divine Son by proclaiming Her triumph where there is no triumph, but only continued persecution of the Church?

On the EWTN website at the Documents home page one will find (as of October 14, 2001) some prominently featured articles on what a peaceful religion Islam is, and what great followers of Mary the Muslims are, even though they regard the divinity of Her Son as the rankest heresy. Further down the page we find “Declaration on Suspended Priest”, which, of course, is all about the “suspension” of Father Gruner for an “offense” which has yet to be specified — because there is none.

How useful these useful idiots are; they are delighted to inform us that Russia is converting, that Islam is a very fine religion (despite 1400 years of fanatical opposition to Christianity) and that Father Gruner is “suspended” for no reason in particular. They play out their little roles in the coming apocalypse, steadfastly oblivious to the evidence of their own senses. Neither the Muslim fanatics nor the “ex-communists” who still dominate “the former Soviet Union” today could ask for better friends in the West.