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Russian Nerve Gas Found in Afghanistan

by Christopher A. Ferrara

On Tuesday, November 20, 2001, the Madrid Guardian published a report that Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida network “had been preparing terrorist attacks with the lethal sarin nerve gas before its infrastructure in Afghanistan was destroyed.” The report was based on the discoveries of a Spanish journalist who found vials of nerve gas at a hastily abandoned terrorist camp outside Jalalabad. The same journalist was later murdered.

According to the Guardian, “El Mundo correspondent Julio Fuentes, who was last night reported dead after a convoy of journalists was attacked on the road to Kabul, found 300 of the phials at an abandoned al-Qaida base known as Farm Hada, 20 km south of Jalalabad.” The report by Fuentes noted that the vials of nerve gas were contained in “boxes of 10 which bore, in Russian cyrillic script, the words ‘SARIN/V-GAS’. The phials were about seven centimetres long and contained a clear, yellowish liquid. The Farm Hada base had been abandoned in a rush and was strewn with empty test tube racks, landmines, grenades and artillery shells.”

The Guardian article notes that the Sarin nerve gas was also used by “the Aum Supreme Truth cult in its attack on Tokyo’s underground rail system in March 1995. That attack killed 12 people and left nearly 1,000 ill.”

In recent weeks evidence has surfaced that the highly sophisticated, weapons-grade anthrax spores which have been sent through the U.S. mails originated in Russian laboratories. The U.N. has also issued a warning about possible dissemination of weaponized small pox, which the Russians were testing as part of their bioweapons program. And now a box of Sarin nerve gas vials bearing Russian lettering has been found in an Afghan terrorist camp.

Our Lady of Fatima warned us that Russia would spread is errors throughout the world. The Sino-Russian alliance, recently sealed with a “friendship pact” between President Putin and Premier Jiang, insures that Russia, through China, will continue to provide weapons and technology to terrorists around the world. And now Russian anthrax and Russian nerve gas, like Russia's errors, are spreading throughout the world. Will it be Russian suitcase A-bombs next?

According to the Fatima revisionists, Russia was “consecrated” to the Immaculate Heart more than 17 years ago, on March 25, 1984. Russia, of course, was never mentioned in the ceremony at the Vatican on that date. But the Fatima revisionists tell us we need not be all that precise in carrying out instructions from the Mother of God. She said Russia, but a consecration of the world is close enough, they claim.

Here at we will keep asking the pertinent questions until an honest answer is given: Where is the conversion of Russia promised by Our Lady if Russia were consecrated to Her? Where is the period of peace She promised? Where is the promised triumph of Her Immaculate Heart? Our Lady cannot lie to us. Someone else is lying. And we know who it is.