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The Cookie Crumbles: Moldova "Returns" to Communism

by Christopher A. Ferrara

As reported in the Central Europe Review (CER) of March 6, 2001: “The Communists have returned to power in Moldova,” a small republic which belonged to the former Soviet Union, but gained its “independence” in 1990.

It seems that the “ex-communists” lost the last parliamentary election to their still-communist opponents, because the “centrists” were unable to block election of Communist Party leader Vladimir Voronin to the presidency of Moldova, and good old Vladimir carried his communist friends into office on his coat tails. The majority of the Moldovan parliament is now Communist. Vornoni himself is described by CER as “a staunch Communist”. The conversion of Russia marches on.

Now our Fatima-revisionist friends will say “Ha, ha ha! Moldova! Big deal!” But of course what has just happened in Moldova only mirrors what is already happening in Russia itself, where communists still predominate in the Duma, Stalin’s national anthem has been restored, limited privatization of major industries is being undone, the only opposition television network has been seized by the state, and the free press is under attack/surveillance by Putin’s recycled KGB.

CER notes that “After independence in 1990, the Republic of Moldova banned the Communist Party from political activity for three years.” Ah yes, the showy “banning” of the communist party. For three whole years! But the President of Moldova is now a communist, as is more than 50% of the Moldovan parliament. Seems the ban of the Party, like the “conversion of Russia”, never really took.

Now, not to worry. Vladimir Voronin assures everyone that: “it is not possible … to go back to the olden times.” No doubt he will give the Moldovans a kinder, gentler communism. But according to CER, Vladimir’s office is “a museum to the Soviet days of old, adorned with pictures of Lenin and the symbol of the hammer and sickle.” (citing BBC Online, 26 February 2001) Hey, so the guy’s a collector! What’s wrong with a little hobby?

Now we get to the nub of the matter: Voronin warns that “reforms over the past decade intended to push Moldova toward a market economy have driven the country deeper into poverty … a ‘normal’ life in Moldova has been denied, and the nation is afflicted with severe social problems that need to be alleviated.” Putin has said much the same thing about Russia. What a coincidence. Of course, Voronin promises he will continue “the democratization process” while cleaning up that awful mess caused by the free market. (How much of a “market economy” could Moldova have developed in only 10 years?) I am sure Voronin can be trusted to keep his word — just like any communist.

The Fatima-revisionists would be funny if they weren’t so dangerous. Can’t they see what is coming? From this Fatima perspective it’s as big as a freight train.