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“Conversion of Russia” Update:

AIDS increases fifteen-fold in Russia

by Christopher A. Ferrara

Eighteen years after the putative “consecration of Russia” the moral and even physical decomposition of Russian society continues to accelerate with each passing day. On December 1, 2001 CNN reported from London that “the virus that causes AIDS is continuing to spread worldwide at a dramatic pace, with eastern Europe particularly hard hit.”

CNN cites a United Nations study which revealed, among other things, that “75,000 new infections of the virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome had been reported in Russia by early November, a 15-fold increase in just three years.” The UN also reported that “AIDS was continuing to spread worldwide at a dramatic pace, with 40 million children and adults infected by HIV, an increase of four million from last year.”

Now of course the UN and the “former” communist governments of Eastern Europe are going to offer the politically correct “solution” to the AIDS epidemic: mass distribution of contraceptive devices and pervasive “AIDS education”. In true liberal fashion, those who helped cause the epidemic by promoting the abandonment of all moral norms in the area of marriage and procreation are now going to prescribe the cure — which, naturally, will only exacerbate the very behavior which gave rise to the epidemic in the first place.

And so, CNN reports, “Ukraine’s Health Minister, Vitaliy Moskalenko, said that three government anti-AIDS programmes between 1992 and 2000 slowed the epidemic, while the current 2001-2003 program may even stop it, according to the Interfax news agency.” Well, we have been hearing such claims for nearly twenty years, but now we are told that there is a worsening worldwide AIDS crisis. Thus, it is hardly surprising that while “the current programme in Ukraine has focused on AIDS prevention measures among youth and removing the stigma associated with the disease,” it is nevertheless the case that “the number of victims in Ukraine has risen from 110,000 in 1997 to as many as 240,000 in 1999,” according to CNN.

But the fact that AIDS “education” seems to coincide with the rise in AIDS cases will not deter the EU from mandating the politically correct “solution”. Indeed, even something called “World Vision”, which purports to be a “Christian social agency” has called upon the Church “to take a more realistic attitude to the use of condoms in an attempt to slow the global spread of the disease.”

Welcome to the new Europe and the New World Order. This is the triumph of the Immaculate Heart promised by the Virgin Mary? Obviously not. No wonder The Wanderer recently ran an article condemning Father Gruner and favorably presenting the thesis of the modernist Jesuit Edouard Dhanis that Sister Lucy invented the consecration of Russia. The conflict between reality and the neo-Catholic version of Fatima has become unbearable to the neo-Catholic establishment. And that could mean only one thing, just as I predicted in this space back in April: the neo-Catholic establishment will soon reject the Message of Fatima itself. And now they have.