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"Conversion of Russia" Update:

Handing Afghanistan Back to Russia

by Christopher A. Ferrara

A recent editorial on NewsMax.com caught my attention. Entitled “Exploit a Tragedy! Empower the U.N.!”, it expresses support for the campaign against bin Laden, but sounds a note of caution: “On the other hand, we are alarmed at some of the particulars of the Bush battle plan — a battle plan which hides behind the shedding of tears, the saying of prayers, the waving of flags, the dropping of bombs, and a firm resolve for justice, the establishment of something beyond victory and beyond justice — even a new world order.”

The editorial warns that in this new world order — already proclaimed by China and Russia in their new “friendship” pact — not only Russia but the United Nations would be greatly empowered, while the “horse and buggy notion of a sovereign, unilaterally aligned United States of America” would be greatly enfeebled.

The authors assert, quite plausibly it seems to me, that the Bush administration policy in prosecuting the war against terrorism would “put Russia back in the business of being the Soviet Union — in Afghanistan, throughout Asia, and even in Europe. On Sept. 14, we joked about the possibility of U.S. troops helping Russia reconquer Afghanistan. It is no longer a joke. Their troops are there, and we are paying their bills and arming their soldiers.”

The authors go on to make a prediction: “Russia will be first to arrive on sight in the capital city of Kabul as the ‘deliverers’ of the Afghan people — just as they arrived first in Berlin to ‘deliver’ the Germans, and they arrived first in Bosnia to ‘deliver’ the Bosnians, and they arrived first in Kosovo, to ‘deliver’ the Kosovars. Can you imagine the expressions on the faces of the locals? The irony. The bitterness. The fear. Freedom at last from the Taliban! Yes, but as per the guarantees of their former mass-murdering masters, the ‘ex’ communist and ‘ex’ No. 1 sponsor of terrorism in the world, Mother Russia!”

The authors remind us: “Will this be like Berlin all over again? Let us remind our readers that Russia is asking, in return for its ‘help’ in the war on terrorism, that Bosnia, Kosovo and the old boundaries of the Soviet Union be recognized as within a ‘Russian sphere of influence’. Afghanistan, being upon the borders of that sphere of influence, is as it always was — part of that sphere.”

But there is more that is worth repeating here: “We noted that the Bush administration is determined to look the other way even as Russia betrays the new alliance we forged with them. We wondered about the shoot-down of a jet full of Israelis over the Black Sea and Russia’s disinformation barrage on the issue. The hush is now deafening. We wondered about a Russian $40 billion trade deal with Iraq and her $8 billion arms deal with Iran, both of them just last week. The silence is beyond belief. Who could imagine this? Even the radical Clinton administration wasn’t brazen enough to publicly permit Russia to violate its commitment under a 1995 accord not to sell arms, including nuclear materials, to terrorist sponsor and American hater Iran. Have we forgotten? Republicans were ready to pull out the cross, place Al Gore on it, and mockingly chant ‘Treason!’ when word broke out late in the election cycle that Vice President Gore had cut a secret deal with Russia’s Viktor Chernomyrdin to look the other way while Russia armed Iran. At so critical a juncture in our nation’s history, when terrorists with connections to the government of Iran threaten to destroy us, where are the chants, and where is the cross now?”

That says it all. And, oddly enough, these gentlemen are not even writing from the Fatima perspective Yet they can see quite clearly what the Fatima revisionist dunderheads in the Catholic Church cannot: that the Russian bear is still a bear, and that like any bear in hibernation it is waiting for the right moment to come roaring back to life, as vigorous as ever.