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“Conversion of Russia” Update:

Roman Catholic Parish Bulldozed

by Christopher A. Ferrara

The Vatican has just announced the purported results of the latest secret interview with Sister Lucy, conducted more than a month ago. We have yet to see any transcript or other recording of what exactly was asked and answered during the alleged two hour session between Sister Lucy and Msgr. Bertone, Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF).

But the Vatican Information Service says that a Vatican communiqué says that Archbishop Bertone says that “Sister Lucy” says that Heaven says (“accepts”) that Russia was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart in 1984 — without any mention of Russia. This, of course contradicts other statements by Sister Lucy to the effect that the failure to mention Russia (or to secure the participation of the world’s bishops) means the consecration was not effected in either 1982 or 1984.

Meanwhile, Sister Lucy herself remains under a Vatican gag order and is forbidden to speak directly to the world, even though we are told that she has nothing further to reveal and that there is nothing remaining to the Message of Fatima. The most recent secret interview was, in fact, conducted by permission of Cardinal Ratzinger. That is, the Secretary of the CDF needs permission from Cardinal Ratzinger to speak to a nun in a convent who has already supposedly told us everything she knows.

Why is a woman who, we are told, has nothing further to reveal being treated like someone in the federal witness protection program? Ah, but Sister Lucy was allowed to publish a book about Fatima recently. The Introduction to the book claims it was written “to answer and clarify the doubts and questions that have been addressed to me” concerning Fatima. Oddly enough, the only “doubts and questions” the book fails to discuss are the very doubts and questions millions of Catholics have raised concerning the consecration of Russia and the Third Secret, neither of which is even remotely discussed in the book. It seems that Sister Lucy will address these matters only when she is interviewed in secret and without a written record. Nothing suspicious there!

But more about the secret interview — much more — in upcoming columns. Meanwhile, back in the real world — the world in which a consecration of a place requires some mention of the place — we find that the “conversion” of “consecrated” Russia is progressing just the way one would expect … if Russia had not been consecrated.

On December 21, 2001, citing Keston News Service, reported that “a Romanian Catholic parish church in Transylvania was destroyed in October — despite heated protests by Catholic leaders and government officials — in order to make way for an Orthodox parish church.”

CWN notes that “the church in the village of Vadu Izei was confiscated from the Romanian Catholic Church in 1948, by the country’s Communist regime. The Communist government had suppressed Catholicism, forcing Romanian Catholics to join with Orthodox parishes or face imprisonment.”

Yes, but surely now that Russia has been “consecrated” to the Immaculate Heart — as we have learned from the latest secret Sister Lucy interview — the Romanian authorities, freed from Russian domination, would give the confiscated Church back to the Catholics. Well, according to CWN “When the Communist regime fell, and Catholics petitioned for the return of their parish properties, a series of conflicts arose between Romanian Catholics and the Orthodox parishes that now held their property.” The result of those conflicts was that “The stone church building in Vadu Izei was demolished to make room for a larger Orthodox parish facility. Several graves were reportedly desecrated in the process.”

Keston News Service quotes a Father Marius to the effect that “The destruction of the church did not have any Christian justification. They would rather destroy the churches instead of giving them back.” Note well: They would rather destroy Catholic parishes than give them back to Catholics.

I have news for Msgr. Bertone: No matter how many secret interviews you and your collaborators conduct with your closeted witness, you will not be able to change the empirical evidence of the failure to do what Our Lady of Fatima requested. Facts are stubborn things, and the facts will not disappear.

Neither, God willing, will this little corner of cyberspace known as Stay tuned, dear reader. There is much more to come in the continuing saga of the Great Fatima Cover-up.