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“Conversion of Russia” Update:

Ukrainian Press: R.I.P.

by Christopher A. Ferrara

As the Vatican apparatus trots out the latest secret interview with the closeted Sister Lucy (who seems to contradict herself only when others tell us what she said), the evidence of a growing catastrophe in the “former Soviet Union” continues to mount toward the heavens.

On December 21, 2001 WorldNet Daily reported that “The torch of liberty has grown dimmer in the former Soviet republic of Ukraine — as it has across most of the territory of the old USSR — with the government’s silencing of the last independent media outlet and the continuing controversy surrounding the murder of a popular outspoken journalist.”

So what else is new? Putin’s Russia has virtually silenced the independent press, and now it’s Ukraine’s turn. Is anyone with any sense surprised?

WorldNet reports that according to “Deutsche Welle, Germany’s official — but independent — broadcasting service, the Ukrainian government of President Leonid Kuchma has ordered the destruction of Ukraine’s ‘last free voice’, Radio Continent, because it effectively countered the state-owned radio and television outlets. The National Radio and Television Council of Ukraine formally revoked Radio Continents right to broadcast, although legal challenges to the move were still in process.” The WorldNet article goes on to note that the silencing of Ukraine’s “last remaining independent commercial station occurred during the Christmas holidays. The Deutsche Welle report speculated that the revocation was timed to lessen the impact among Western political leaders and free-speech advocates, many of whom are already suspicious of the Kuchma government and its authoritarian tendencies.”

Authoritarian tendencies? In Ukraine? After the “consecration of Russia” in 1984? And this, despite the news from the latest Secret Sister Lucy Interview© that “heaven has accepted” the 1984 ceremony?

Radio Continent was indeed a serious form of opposition to the authoritarian Kuchma government in Ukraine. Now, notes WorldNet (citing the Deutsche Welle report), Ukrainians “will be forced ‘to listen to foreign voice’ broadcasting from outside the country to hear an alternative to the official media line.” Radio Free Europe returns!

WorldNet also notes that Radio Continent “had close connections to a murdered Ukrainian journalist, whose death has shaken the Kuchma government and caused an international scandal. According to the Deutsche Welle report, Radio Continent worked closely with Georgiy Gongadze, an extremely popular and well-respected Ukrainian journalist and influential critic of the Kuchma government. Gongadze was one of the first Ukrainian journalists to publish on the Internet, establishing an independent website in April 2000. In an environment where many journalists practice ‘self-censorship’, Gongadze had vigorously attacked Kuchma and other leading figures in the Ukrainian government for corruption and abuse of power, earning himself many powerful enemies."

And now Gongadze has been murdered. Isn’t the “conversion of Russia” a marvelous thing? A few details about the murder: “On Sept. 16, 2000, Gongadze disappeared, and what is believed by many to be his headless corpse was found the following November near Kiev, the Ukrainian capital. Official declarations that the body is not that of Gongadze have met with distrust and suspicion.”

But why should anyone distrust the Ukrainian regime? After all, Russia was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart seventeen years ago. If Russia has been “converting” ever since, and if Putin (as the Fatima revisionist dupes tell us) is a “practicing Christian”, surely the Ukrainian regime will soon be following in the glorious path of conversion on which Putin is already leading Russia today. And if you believe that, then you will believe anything.