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“Conversion of Russia” Update:

Russian MiGs for the Sudan

by Christopher A. Ferrara

There being nothing to speak of in the way of a religious conversion of Russia since the supposed “consecration” of 1984, the Fatima revisionist crowd is proclaiming instead the near-blasphemy that Our Lady of Fatima’s prophesy “The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, which will be converted” refers to the merely political changes in the organization of the “former Soviet regime” in 1989-91.

But not even this mockery of the Fatima message is supported by the facts. For one thing, Russia — seventeen years after her “consecration” — is the world’s biggest supplier of weapons to terrorist regimes.

According to a recent report for WorldNet Daily by Charles Smith, “Russia has cut a deal with Sudan to deliver a dozen advanced MiG-29 Fulcrum jet fighters to the war-torn country. The deal, announced Christmas Day in Moscow, also includes 14 MiG-29 jets for Yemen.”

How lovely. On Christmas Day “converted” Russia announces the sale of advanced fighter planes to the Sudanese Muslim regime, which, as Smith notes, has been cited by Washington as “one of a limited number of nations with direct links to the Al-Qaeda terrorist network. The U.S. State Department also listed Sudan as one of a few hostile nations known to be secretly developing biological weapons of mass destruction.”

Some conversion.

But there is more, dear reader. According to Smith, “Mikhail Dmitriyev, head of the Committee on Military and Technical Cooperation with Foreign Countries, said that MiG had recently signed deals to deliver jets to Sudan and Yemen. Dmitriyev also noted that Moscow agreed to deliver 14 MiG-29 fighter jets to Yemen for $437 million.”

So, Russia is supplying MiGs to Yemen, as well as the Sudan. As reported by the highly reputable military intelligence journal, “Saudi dissident Osama bin Laden’s family connections and supporters in Yemen are a major concern to the authorities who view international militant Islamist networks as a key security threat. The capacity of terrorists in Yemen to mount a sophisticated attack was underlined in October 2000 when two suicide bombers in a small craft packed with explosives crippled the US destroyer the USS Cole causing the death of 17 US naval personnel while the vessel was on a re-fuelling stopover in Aden port.”

And these are the very best MiGs that money can buy. As Smith notes: “There is no question the MiG-29 is a direct threat to U.S. airpower. The MiG-29 Fulcrum fighter jet is considered to be equal to the best U.S.-made F-15 and F-18 jet fighters…. The Fulcrum fighters also can strike U.S. warships transiting the Suez Canal with advanced anti-ship missiles and could bomb targets deep inside Egypt or Saudi Arabia. In addition, the most-advanced version of the MiG-29 is capable of delivering nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.”

But who will fly these super-sophisticated jets? Surely not the Sudanese and Yemen air force. No problem. As Smith reports, “It is unlikely that the Sudanese air force can operate the advanced MiG-29 Fulcrums, raising the possibility that Moscow will also supply mercenary pilots to fly the fourth-generation fighter jets. Russia has frequently been accused of providing mercenary pilots to other nearby African client states… In 2000, Eritrea stated that Moscow supplied a large number of mercenary pilots to neighboring rival Ethiopia. The Eritrean diplomatic complaint to Moscow included a list, naming the Russian mercenaries working for Ethiopia.” So, Russia sells the jets, then gets jobs for Russian pilots. What a nice, cozy, Christmas-day deal for the “practicing Christian” Putin and his “democratic” regime.

Russia is “converting”, all right — converting the primitive military apparatus of terrorist states into advanced killing machines. How much longer will the Fatima revisionists go on with their mockery of Our Lady of Fatima. How much longer?