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“Conversion of Russia” Update:

Putin’s Commie Calendar

by Christopher A. Ferrara

On February 12, 2002, WorldNet Daily reported that Vladimir (“the practicing Christian”) Putin “has taken another step in the glorification of his nation’s communist past and the exoneration of communism’s bloody history.”

Sourcing its story from the Italian news daily Corriere della Sera, WorldNet said that “The Putin government has allowed Russia’s internal security organization, the FSB (the former KGB), to issue a calendar — meant only for use within the organization — commemorating several former Soviet holidays, while portraying Russian security headquarters on Lubyanka Square as it appeared before the collapse of the USSR.”

A new commie calendar with a nice picture of the Lubyanka Prison — capstone of the Soviet gulag. I wonder what message Vladimir (“the practicing Christian”) Putin is trying to send with that image?

And who is the most prominent pin-up boy in this colorful new commie calendar? Why, it’s none other than “the founder of the Soviet secret police, Felix Dzerzhinsky, generally regarded in the West as a purveyor of terror and murder.” Images of Dzerzhinsky’s statute are featured in several places in the calendar. Is this the sort of man Vladimir (“the practicing Christian”) wants to see depicted in the offices of the FSB (the KGB)? Gee, I wonder why. I mean, now that Vladimir (“the practicing Christian”) is promoting freedom and religious liberty throughout Russia, what possible interest could he have in promoting the memory of a murdering communist thug who imprisoned, tortured and executed Catholics?

WorldNet notes that “Corriere della Sera obtained a copy of the spy calendar after a Russian newspaper secretly photographed it.” Secretly, you see, because there is no longer any free press to speak of in “converted” Russia. As I have documented in this column over the past year, Vladimir (“the practicing Christian”) Putin has shut down every major independent national media outlet in Russia, while crusading reporters have met with a remarkable number of fatal “accidents” and mysterious beatings.

Oh, but there is more, dear reader. WorldNet reminds us that “The calendar’s issuance follows several actions by the Putin government re-establishing Soviet customs and usage, which include the Russian military’s use of Soviet insignia and revival of the Soviet anthem — but with different lyrics.”

Oh, but this cannot be. As Msgr. Bertone assures us, based on the latest Secret Sister Lucy Interview©, “heaven has accepted” the 1984 “consecration of Russia”. That the 1984 ceremony made absolutely no mention of Russia is just a little “detail” we are supposed to overlook — along with the rest of reality.

No thank you. I will continue to use my five senses and my reason. Russia hasn’t converted. And that can only mean that Russia hasn’t been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Msgr. Bertone can say what he wishes, but saying it doesn’t make it so.