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“Conversion of Russia” Update:

Putin’s Commie Calendar — Part II

by Christopher A. Ferrara

There is a great deal of important material in the WorldNetDaily story (by Toby Westerman) on the new communist era calendar which Vladimir (“the practicing Christian”) Putin has approved for use in the offices of the Soviet “security service”, the FSB (formerly KGB). A second column is warranted by this development.

As Westerman notes, the statue of the infamous Felix Dzerzhinsky, which is featured so prominently in the calendar, “was one of the first Soviet monuments to be toppled as the USSR collapsed. Its removal — accompanied by cheering crowds — is considered one of the defining moments of the fall of the Soviet state.”

But now Putin (a “former” KGB spy himself) wishes to revive and glorify the memory of precisely this communist butcher. Indeed, “the Communist Party and the Russian intelligence community have sought — so far in vain — to have Dzerzhinsky’s statue placed back on its pedestal. It now lies rusting in a grassy area in front of a Moscow art gallery.”

A bit more about Putin’s hero Dzerzhinsky. As Westerman notes, “At the request of Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin, Dzerzhinsky, on Dec. 20, 1917, organized an intelligence service referred to as the ‘Cheka’, the abbreviation for the ‘Extraordinary Commission for the Struggle against Counterrevolution, Espionage, Speculation and Sabotage’. All subsequent Russian intelligence organizations, including the notorious KGB, are traced back to the Cheka.”

Furthermore, as reported by Corriere della Sera, “Putin, as well as Russian intelligence officers both past and present, observe Dec. 20 [the anniversary of the Cheka’s founding] as the common anniversary date for all Russian intelligence services. The date is marked in red on the new FSB calendar. All Russian intelligence service officers also refer to each other as ‘Chekists’.”

So, privately Putin and his fellow “Chekists” honor the memory of Soviet imprisonment, persecution, torture, butchery and mass murder of Catholics and other “dissidents”.

According to Westerman, “Putin asserts that the Russian secret police only ‘went bad’ under Josef Stalin, who took power following Lenin's death in 1924.” To this Corriere della Sera replied by citing some of the “instances that earned Dzerzhinsky and the Cheka a well-deserved reputation for terror and mass murder before Stalin.”

First of all, Corriere della Sera asked: “Aren’t the Chekists … ashamed to commemorate the very individual who followed to the letter Lenin’s directives on the elimination of the Russian middle class?” The Corriere also recalled the great slogan of the Dzerzhinsky era: “We are not fighting a war against individuals, we are exterminating the bourgeois as a class.”

The article in Corriere della Sera mentions how “In Kharkov prisoners were flayed alive; in Poltava priests were impaled; in Odessa captured white officials (Tsarist opponents of Lenin’s communists) were slowly fed into furnaces,” and the newpaper concluded: “The Cheka was exactly what Lenin wanted it to be — an army of devastation.”

Yet Vladimir (“the practicing Christian”) Putin defends Lenin’s Cheka and the butcher Dzerzhinsky, who oversaw the impaling of priests and the liquidation of Russia’s middle class. And the same Putin is the man who, so the Fatima revisionists tell us, represents the “conversion” of Russia since the “consecration” of 1984.

How can those who tell us that Russia was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart eighteen years ago live with this lie? How can they read news like this without shuddering in fear over the consequences of the fraud they are perpetrating on the Church and the world? I would hate to be living in the ever-dwindling corner they have painted themselves into.