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“Conversion of Russia” Update:

Russian Independent Press, R.I.P.

by Christopher A. Ferrara

The Fatima revisionist establishment has had a terrible time these past 17 years explaining the non-appearance of Russia’s conversion since the “consecration” ceremony of 1984, which mentioned everything but Russia.

The Fatima revisionists have vacillated between the claim that Russia is showing signs of a religious conversion — hardly possible given Russia’s two abortions for every live birth — or at least a political conversion. Neither event has materialized. On the contrary, both the religious and the political state of Russia have been deteriorating rapidly as we move further and further in time from the 1984 “consecration”.

Witness the latest report in the London Times online edition (January 12, 2002) that “Russia’s last independent television station was closed yesterday, leaving the country’s entire broadcast media under Kremlin control.” I have been chronicling Vladimir (the “practicing Christian”) Putin’s systematic shut-down of the Russian independent mass media for months, and now the process seems to be complete.

According to the Times “The station’s year-long battle to remain on the air ended when the Moscow higher arbitration court upheld an earlier ruling that the station had failed to comply with financial regulations. The case against TV6 was brought by LUKoil, Russia’s largest oil company, which has close ties to the Kremlin. A major shareholder in TV6, LUKoil complained that the station was losing money.”

Putin has been using “debt collection” and “financial regulations” to seize all remaining voices of opposition to his regime. TV6 has now been closed down despite — indeed, because of — the fact that “in recent months, TV6’s ratings have soared to make it the second most popular station in Russia and it is back in profit.” Putin certainly cannot afford to have a profitable independent media voice questioning his policies, can he?

The Times further reports that “The Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky, who owns three quarters of TV6, has been in self-imposed political exile since he chose to oppose President Putin shortly after his election. TV6’s closure brings to an end a Kremlin campaign to bring independent television stations to heel. The drive was launched immediately after Mr. Putin took office in May 2000.”

Both the United States and Great Britain have issued official statements expressing concern about the disappearance of Russia’s independent press, but the Fatima revisionist dupes in the Catholic Church see nothing to worry about. In fact, according to the latest Secret Sister Lucy Interview©, “Sister Lucy” is not worried in the least about recent world events. After all, Russia was “consecrated”, Russia is “converting” and the Third Secret’s vision of a Pope being executed by soldiers outside a half-ruined city of Rome signifies nothing more than the Pope not being killed by a lone assassin twenty years ago.

So go to sleep everyone. Fatima is finished. But for those who want to remain awake, there is always Fatima.org. See you here.