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“Conversion of Russia” Update:

The Fatima Curse: AIDS Explodes in Russia

by Christopher A. Ferrara

This column has often mentioned what the Catholic attorney James Bendell has called the Fatima Curse: Heaven’s answer to the so-called consecration of Russia in 1984. Since that year, Russia has undergone an accelerating spiritual, moral and material collapse. Hence the Fatima Curse.

According to a Reuters report on February 10, 2002, Russia’s top AIDS official has warned that “AIDS is soon to ravage Russia with consequences that may be even more catastrophic than in Africa, yet the public is barely even aware the epidemic has arrived.”

Has arrived, I emphasize. There was no AIDS epidemic in Russia before the 1984 “consecration”, and now there is.

The Reuters story goes on to note that “After decades of little contact with the disease, Russia and Ukraine have suddenly been caught unprepared in the throes of the world’s fastest growing epidemic of the HIV virus. Of Russia’s 180,000 officially registered infections, 100,000 occurred just last year. Experts guess the actual number of Russian cases is as high as one million, more than one percent of adults.”

That’s 100,000 cases just last year — 16 years after the “consecration of Russia” to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

According to the “AIDS official”, one Vadim Pokrovsky, “Every year, we see the number of new cases doubling. If this continues even two or three more years, we will see not one percent, but two, four, eight.” Eight percent of the Russian population — which is already dropping by 700,000 a year — with AIDS.

Reuters noted that “There are as yet no teeming clinics packed with the desperate and the dying, no armies of children orphaned by the disease or destitute patients begging on the streets. The untreated will not begin to die in their thousands for a decade.” But according to Pokrovsky “all that is coming soon, and virtually nothing is being done to prepare society for the consequences…”

The Reuters report further observes that “Russia’s AIDS epidemic is already far worse than in Western Europe and North America, where the disease struck high risk populations of drug users and homosexuals but stopped before becoming widespread among the rest of the public. Just how much worse it will get is not yet clear.” But as Pokrovsky notes, there is likely to be an explosion of cases soon, since “Russia has syphilis rates hundreds of times higher than in the West.”

Hundreds of times higher than in the West. And this, they would have us believe, is a nation which has been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart and is undergoing “conversion”.

So, Russia continues to suffer the Fatima Curse, while the Fatima revisionists dare to tell us with a straight face that we are witnessing a miracle of grace in that nation. How much longer they will maintain this lie is anyone’s guess. But here at, we are not going to make it any easier for the perpetrators of the lie.