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“Conversion of Russia” Update:

Russian Orthodoxy Fuses with the Kremlin

by Christopher A. Ferrara

In one of my columns back in June of 2001 (“The KGB past of Alexy II”), I reported on the evidence that Russian Orthodox Patriarch Alexy II — the same character who leads denunciations of the Pope and champions legal restrictions on the Catholic Church in “converted” Russia — was a KGB agent named Alexei Ridiger, before he was suddenly elevated to the Moscow Patriarchate in the early 1990s. As the Moscow Times (June 21, 2001) notes, “many religious leaders in post-Soviet Russia were accused by their own colleagues and by the press of making deals with the devil — with the KGB — during Soviet times…. One of those who was exposed by the KGB archives… was said to be Alexei Ridiger, shortly thereafter promoted to the position of patriarch.”

I also noted that the Russian parliament had buried all attempts to investigate Alexy’s KGB past. Now new evidence emerges that Alexy is supervising a process by which the Russian Orthodox Church is being turned into a cultural prop for the Putin regime.

Item: On March 6, 2002 Zenit reported that “Orthodox Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia’s consecrated a church today at the headquarters of the Russian Secret Services in Lubyanka Square. For the occasion, the patriarch gave Nikolai Patrushev, chief of the FSB (formerly the KGB), an icon of his patron saint, St. Nicholas.”

Come on now! A chapel for the FSB — formerly the KGB? Who are they kidding? With every survey showing that 95% of those who call themselves Russian Orthodox do not even go to church once a year, we are supposed to believe that the spies of the FSB are so devout that they must have their own private chapel?

And get this: “Alexy II congratulated the FSB for having established a church in its premises, following the example of the Interior and Defense Ministries.” So now the Interior and Defense ministries have their own private chapels as well? They found religion too? Puh-leeze!

Item: An AP story on March 6, 2002 reports as follows: “The spiritual leader of the Orthodox military scout organization, Russian Orthodox priest Dimitry blesses children prior to their Sunday training at a church in Sergiev Posad, 60 kms from Moscow, one of the main Russian orthodox centres, (on) March 3, 2002. Over 150 teenagers get acquainted with the Kalashnikov assault rifle, take single combat training and other military courses under strict religious supervision to become ‘Warriors of Christ’.”

Little show-churches for Russian spies, Russian defense ministers, and Russian bureaucrats, and children learning how to use assault rifles at the local Orthodox parish! This is the conversion of Russia?

Does anyone think that the Russian spies, defense ministers and bureaucrats who have set up their little Potemkin Village chapels for public consumption are going to do anything about Russia’s policy of free abortion-on-demand? How about Russia’s flourishing child pornography industry?

Alexy II is demonstrating that Russian Orthodoxy is nothing but a decrepit shell that hides a corrupt institution — an institution battened on the stolen patrimony of the Catholic Church that Josef Stalin obtained at gun point. This grotesque fusion of Russian Orthodoxy with the Putin regime is but the latest development in the ongoing fraud of Russia’s “conversion”.

Consider it the religious front of what Anatoly Golitsyn called the Perestroika deception.