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“Conversion of Russian” Update:

US Fears Russian Nukes in Hands of Bin Laden

by Christopher A. Ferrara

As the Fatima revisionists tell us to go to sleep because the events in the Third Secret (to quote Cardinal Sodano) “belong to the past”, at least the civil authorities have enough sense to be on high alert.

In a stunning article in the Washington Post of March 3, 2002 by reporter Barton Gellman, we learn that the Bush administration, “alarmed by growing hints of al Qaeda’s progress toward obtaining a nuclear or radiological weapon, has deployed hundreds of sophisticated sensors since November to U.S. borders, overseas facilities and check points around Washington. It has placed the Delta Force, the nation’s elite commando unit, on a new standby alert to seize control of nuclear materials that the sensors may detect.”

According to Gellman, “these steps join several other signs, described in recent interviews with U.S. government policymakers, that the Bush administration’s nuclear anxieties have intensified since American-backed forces routed Osama bin Laden’s network and its Taliban backers in Afghanistan. ‘Clearly … the sense of urgency has gone up’, said a senior government policymaker on nuclear, biological and chemical terror. Another high-ranking official said, ‘The more you gather information, the more our concerns increased about al Qaeda’s focus on weapons of mass destruction of all kinds’.”

And what is the source of this weaponry? You guessed it — Russia. As Gellman notes, the intelligence community “believes that al Qaeda could already control a stolen Soviet-era tactical nuclear warhead or enough weapons-grade material to fashion a functioning, if less efficient, atomic bomb. Even before more recent discoveries, some analysts regarded that prospect as substantial.

Gellman further reports that President Bush’s concern about nuclear terrorism “dates from a briefing in the Situation Room during the last week of October. According to knowledgeable sources, Director of Central Intelligence George J. Tenet walked the president through an accumulation of fresh evidence about al Qaeda’s nuclear ambition.”

The briefing Bush received was so detailed and persuasive that it “sent the president through the roof” and Bush immediately ordered his national security team “to give nuclear terrorism priority over every other threat to the United States.”

The information provided demonstrated that “the likeliest source of nuclear materials, or of a warhead bought whole, is the vast complex of weapons labs and storage sites that began to crumble with the end of the Soviet Union in 1991. Russia has decommissioned some 10,000 tactical nuclear weapons since then, but it has been able to document only a fraction of the inventory.

Our Lady of Fatima warned that “various nations will be annihilated” if Her requests — including the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart — were not heeded, and once again the name Russia emerges in scenarios for an apocalypse.

Even politicians, armed with mere human intelligence reports, can see the role of Russia in the impending conflagration. But the men who control the Vatican apparatus have an infallible intelligence report on Russia from the Mother of God, yet they choose to ignore it, assuring us that it all “belongs to the past”. May God deliver us from the consequences of their insane folly.