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“Conversion of Russia” Update:

Alexy II to Pope: Happy Easter, We Still Hate You

by Christopher A. Ferrara

According to a report by Itar-Tass news service of March 30, 2002, “Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and all Russia on Saturday sent a traditional Easter message to Pope John Paul II.”

An ecumenical breakthrough perhaps? The herald of a warming of relations? Readers of this column would know better than that. TASS was quick to note that Alexy “said this event should not be viewed as a sign of improvement in relations between the two churches. ‘Easter is a great holiday’ and similar congratulatory messages have been sent to the heads of all Christian churches in the world that celebrate it by Western tradition, the patriarch told Itar-Tass.”

Itar-Tass further reports that Alexy “made it clear that no progress has been reached in the settlement of the inter-church crisis caused by the Vatican’s decision to transform its apostolic administrations in Russia into Catholic dioceses.” Furthermore, said Alexy, “The Roman Catholic Church has not made either apologies or attempts to assuage the conflict.”

Proving once again that the papal apologies to all and sundry have produced only one thing: a demand for further apologies. For once the Pope starts apologizing for the “sins” of other Catholics, how can he then draw the line and say “no more apologies”? Are not other Catholics continuing to “sin” — against the Orthodox and just about everyone else on earth, including the Chinese people?

According to Itar-Tass, “Alexy II believes that the future of relations between the two major Christian churches will depend on the Vatican. ‘We expect that a step forward will be made not by our side (alone) but by the Roman Catholic Church as well’.”

The Itar-Tass report concluded by noting that “The patriarch expressed sympathy to the pontiff in connection with his indisposition and wished that God alleviated his condition.” How very touching. But if Alexy wants to see the Pope’s condition alleviated, why does he not consider making restitution to the Holy Catholic Church for the parish churches and cathedrals stolen by Josef Stalin, and which Alexy and his fellow heirs of Stalin now occupy illicitly?

So this is where things stand after some forty years of “ecumenical dialogue” with the Russian Orthodox: Happy Easter John Paul II, and get well soon. But we still hate you and the Church you head. And don’t even think about trying to convert Russia to the Catholic religion. This is Orthodox territory.

This is the sorry state of affairs the Fatima revisionists are trying to pass off as the “miraculous” transformation of Russia since the “consecration” of 1984. Well, dear reader, we can’t let them get away with that, can we?