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“Conversion of Russia” Update

Russian Persecution of the Church Intensifies:
Bishop Expelled

by Christopher A. Ferrara

The house of cards the Fatima revisionists have built upon the so-called “consecration of Russia” in 1984 is collapsing all around them. On April 19, 2002 Fides (the Vatican’s missionary news service) reported the momentous news that “the Catholic Bishop of Saint Joseph diocese in Irkutsk (eastern Siberia), Polish born Mgr Jerzy Mazur was returning from Warsaw to Moscow to resume his episcopal duties in Siberia. At about 3 pm, border police at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Two Airport took the Bishop’s passport and made him wait for an hour. When the secretary of the Holy See’s Representative to the Russian Federation, Father Tomasz Grysa, who was meeting Bishop Mazur at the airport, asked the reason for the delay, he was told by a border police official that Polish citizen Jerzy Mazur was on the list of persons no longer allowed to enter Russian Federation territory."

Fides further reports that “Without any explanation Bishop Mazur had his multi-entry visa, which had not expired, withdrawn and he was declared persona non grata. Diplomats say this is equivalent to being expelled from the country.” And when the Vatican questioned the Russian Federation’s ambassador to the Holy See, he claimed to know nothing about the incident. The ambassador was unable to do anything to reverse the decision to ban Mazur from Russian territory.

As Fides notes, “This means that the Catholic diocese with the largest extension of territory in the world, has been denied its pastor. This can be considered a violation of the constitutional rights and the freedom of conscience of Russian Catholic citizens, as well as violation of international agreements guaranteeing the right to spiritual assistance.”

But wait a minute. According to the latest Secret Sister Lucy Interview©, Heaven has “accepted” (whatever that means) the 1984 “consecration” of the world in place of the consecration of Russia. Surely, then, we can expect Vladimir (“the practicing Christian”) Putin to do something about this outrage.

Strangely enough, however, neither Fides nor anyone else seems to want to talk about Putin’s role in all of this. But isn’t the silence of the Russian President about the incident just a tad mysterious, what with all the diplomats running around protesting what has happened? Also mysterious is Putin’s silence about the earlier revocation of the visa of Father Stefano Caprio, a key priest in Russia who, as Fides notes, “serves two Catholic parishes in Russia Vladimir and Ivanovo.” Like Bishop Mazur, Fr. Caprio had his multi-entry visa seized by border police without explanation. And, just as in the case of Bishop Mazur, “protests made by the Italian Embassy to the Russian Federation and by the Vatican, were to no avail.”

As Fides points out, “Expelling priests and bishops from the country causes serious de-stabilisation of the activities of Catholic structures in Russia. Most of the Catholic clergy and religious in Russia are foreigners sent here from more than twenty different countries to provide spiritual assistance to Russian Catholics deprived of their clergy in the period of atheism.” And now the bishop of Russia’s largest diocese and a key parish priest have been declared non-persons and banned from the country.

It is time for Cardinal Sodano and the entire “Fatima belongs to the past” crowd to begin considering their apology — to the Church, to the world and to Our Lady of Fatima.