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"Conversion of Russia" Update:

Heading Toward a New Cold War

by Christopher A. Ferrara

On March 31, WorldNet Daily reported that “Moscow is charging the Bush administration with a ‘double standard’ in its dealings with Russia and threatens ‘a new Cold War’ with the United States, according to official Russian sources.”

The threat was communicated by Voice of Russia World Service, the “official” broadcast service of the Russian government. Moscow is accusing the Bush administration “of claiming to strive for improved relations with Russia, while in reality seeking to achieve a position of superiority.” Moscow also continues to describe as “hysteria” the U.S. government’s response in the Robert Hanssen spy case, which may be the most serious breach of national security in American history.

According to Moscow, any attempt by the United States to achieve a position of military superiority, or to investigate the depth and breadth of continuing Soviet espionage against America, would be contrary to the development of “U.S.-Russian relations”. And this would jeopardize “the possibility of agreement between the two countries on bilateral and international issues, first of all — nuclear arms reductions.” And we know how valuable arms control agreements with the Russians are, don’t we?

Say, doesn’t this kind of rhetoric sound awfully familiar? Why I’ll be darned if it’s not that old Russian bear again, rattling the nuclear saber and warning us that “peaceful coexistence” or “Glasnost”, or whatever, will be jeopardized if America is not sufficiently compliant in “U.S.-Soviet” relations. Of course, we must not forget that we are, after all, dealing with essentially the same cast of Russian characters — the only difference being that they’ve rotated the name plates on their desks from the side that says “communist” to the side that says “ex-communist”.

So, Moscow tells us, we must not be concerned about maintaining military superiority over Russia or about Russian espionage. We must instead concentrate on “U.S.-Russian relations”. Meanwhile, however, Vladimir Putin has moved tactical nuclear weapons into the Baltic region (and thus into the European theater of operations), after having lied about doing so; the Russian navy is deploying 240-mph torpedoes that can blow our ships out of the water before the crew can even sound an alarm; and who knows how many Russian spies are continuing to penetrate our sieve-like national security system. (WorldNet Daily notes that very little publicity has surrounded the spy trial of a group of Cuban agents known as the “Wasp Network”, which was exposed in 1998. One of the group members is charged with murder in addition to espionage.)

It is time for the Fatima revisionists to explain to everyone how the condition of the world has improved in any way since the alleged “consecration of Russia” more than 17 years ago. Not only can they point to no spiritual transformation in Russia or anywhere else since then, it now appears that not even the much-vaunted “political miracle” of the “fall of communism” is anything more than a new front for the same old Russian bear, who talks and talks about peace as he quietly circles around behind us.