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“Conversion of Russia” Update:

China Prepares for War

by Christopher A. Ferrara

On July 12, 2002 Associated Press reported that China is gearing up for war — even nuclear war — with Taiwan. According to AP “the Pentagon says China’s military modernization threatens Taiwan and contradicts Beijing’s stated desire for a peaceful resolution of the dispute over reunification. The Chinese doctrine is moving toward the goal of surprise, deception and shock effect in the opening phase of a (military) campaign,” claims a Pentagon report submitted to Congress on July 11.

AP notes that “One of the most troubling developments is China’s buildup of short-range ballistic missiles in Fujian province, opposite Taiwan. They now total about 350 missiles and are gaining in accuracy and deadliness.” AP also notes “China’s recent acquisition of Russian-made submarines, which could be used to cut off Taiwan’s sea lanes and to threaten American forces that might respond.”

Readers of this column will recall its discussion of the recent military alliance and “friendship” pact between Russia ex-Communist dicatator, Vlaidimr Putin, posing as the Practicing Christian, and the Chinese Communist dictator, President Jiang, who oversees forced abortions, brutal persecution of the Catholics and other atrocities in China. This pact is one of the many fruits of the “conversion” of Russia which the Fatima revisionist dupes have been hailing since the Orwellian year of 1984.

AP further reports that “The Pentagon also is concerned by China’s recent purchase from Russia of two Sovremenny-class destroyers, which are armed with supersonic Sunburn missiles that could sink an American aircraft carrier.” But why should the Pentagon be concerned about high-tech arms sales by the Practicing Christian to his pal, Jiang? As the Fatima revisionists assure us, these arms sales can only be seen as another sign of the “miracle” that happened in 1984. Day after day new signs of this “miracle” astound us: friendship pacts, military alliances and arms sales agreements with Red China; laws restricting the freedom of the Catholic Church in Russia; the expulsion of a key Catholic bishop and other key clerics who have been placed on a list of “undesirables”; state seizure of the entire Russian mass media; more abortions than ever; Russia becoming the world capital of child pornography; and even a “spontaneous” emergence of a cult surrounding the Practicing Christian, including tee shirts and youth rallies in every major city.

As things now stand, Russia has yet to become anything even approaching an American-style, pluralist democracy, let alone the miraculously converted nation we would have seen by now had Russia been consecrated in the manner Our Lady of Fatima requested. And now the errors of Russia have spread to China, whose Communist dictatorship prepares for war, as it brutally persecutes the “underground” Catholics who refuse to join the “Catholic Patriotic Association”, its unholy substitute for the one true Church.

And this, they tell us, is a “miracle”. May God help the many victims of this “miracle” — and those who dare to proclaim it.