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The Fatima Curse

by Christopher A. Ferrara

My friend James Bendell came up with an angle on the current situation in Russia which strikes me as nothing short of brilliant: he calls it the Fatima curse.

What he means is that not only has the situation in Russia not improved either spiritually or materially since the putative consecration of 1984, it has, rather, grown immeasurably worse — as if Heaven were unleashing a plague upon that nation to demonstrate precisely that it has not been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart. The same thing happened to France when its kings failed to consecrate her to the Sacred Heart as Our Lord had commanded through Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.

The Fatima revisionists, being a willfully blind lot, will naturally see the plagued condition of Russia as a great miracle of grace. But then this is the same mentality which insists that despite all appearances, the Church has undergone a “renewal” since Vatican II.

Now we find that according to Reuters news agency the First Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, Alexander Avdeyev, has issued a public notice in the Russian parliament expressing the complaints of Russian Orthodox Patriarch Alexy II about the Pope’s planned visit to the Ukraine in June. Avdeyev notes that he has discussed this “problem” with Alexy, while respecting “the constitutional principle of separation of church and state.” Very strange indeed, this “conversion” of Russia which we are supposed to be witnessing: The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, which will maintain separation between church and state.

The notice goes on to state that “At the request of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Russian Foreign Ministry … has made known to the leadership of the Holy See our concerns in connection with preparations for the Pope's visit to Ukraine.” What concerns? The notice does not specify, beyond noting that the “concerns” were raised during “Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov’s audience with John Paul last month.”

What we do know is that Alexy is up in arms about the efforts of Ukrainian Catholics to recover the parishes stolen from them by Josef Stalin in the 1940s, and that he regards the mere presence of Eastern Rite Catholics in the Ukraine as “poaching” on the territory of his communist-imposed schismatic church. According to Reuters, Alexy was quoted at a church gathering to the effect that “The visit will aggravate already complicated relations between the Russian and Roman Catholic Churches.”

Meanwhile, Russian women continue to abort their own children at the rate of 3.5 million a year, the Russian economy functions at a Third World level, and the Russian population is fast dwindling to the point of extinction. But it is the visit of the Pope, you see, which poses problems for the Russians.

The Fatima curse goes on. How much longer will the Fatima revisionists continue to tell us that the curse is a miracle?