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"Conversion of Russia" Update:

Russia Refuses to Ban Abortions

by Christopher A. Ferrara

It seems that almost every hour brings a new embarrassment for the “Fatima is finished” crowd. On April 5, 2001, Zenit news agency reported that the Duma, the lower chamber of the Russian “parliament” (as in Russian “democracy”) rejected a measure that would have banned abortions for ten years and prevented all women of child-bearing age from leaving the country.

The measure was proposed by Vladimir Zhirinosky, who is always identified as “a far-right liberal” or as “leader of the far-right Liberal Democratic Party”. Far-right liberal? Such is the state of Russian politics today.

Now, things must be very bad indeed in Russia if the communist-dominated Duma even debated a bill to ban the Third Millennial “sacrament” of abortion, which is the sacred cow of modern political societies on their way to hell. As for barring any woman of child-bearing age from leaving the country — well, let’s just say that is a measure only a Russian “far-right liberal” could seriously propose.

There is something particularly ghoulish about the proposal to ban abortions for only ten years. It is as if the Russians regard themselves as a herd of livestock which needs to be replenished, after which the killing of the herd can begin again. That Zhirinoski proposes to limit abortion for such a pragmatic reason, a population replenishment — divorced from any moral consideration whatsoever — sends a chill down the spine.

This news further demonstrates that the Russians are being driven to desperation by the suicide of their own nation. As Zenit notes, “official statistics estimated Russia’s 2000 population at 144.2 million inhabitants, a decrease of 800,000 from a year earlier. The mortality rate in Russia has been higher than the birthrate for more than 10 years.” Even worse — if that were possible — the Russian Information Service revealed that “it expected the population to shrink another 2.8 million by 2005.” That’s 700,000 fewer people in Russia each year over the next four years.

Ah, there we have it! Yet another version of the “conversion of Russia” may now be proposed by the Fatima revisionists: Russia is indeed converting — from a country full of living Russians to a country full of dead Russians. Perhaps, as they would have it, the triumph of the Immaculate Heart will consist in the expiration of all those atheists, and the millions of victims of abortion who would have been atheists had they been born. But there will still be plenty of Muslims in Russia; unlike Russia’s few Catholics, the Muslims are having very large families.

It is time for every follower of Father Fox and the Blue Army to start demanding an explanation for the hellish state of affairs in “converted” Russia. Every time the Fatima revisionists claim that what we see in Russia today is the fruit of its “consecration” to the Immaculate Heart, they insult the Mother of God. Infinitely worse, they insult Him Who sent Her to deliver Russia, and us, from the errors of “that poor nation”.