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The Plight of Romanian Catholics

by Christopher A. Ferrara

While the Fatima-revisionist dupes hail the “miracle” of the “fall of communism” as a great fulfillment of the Message of Fatima, Catholics who inhabit the real world continue to suffer the consequences of Fatima revisionism.

As reported by CWNews.com (September 26, 2002), “Romanian Catholic leaders have issued a strong statement calling upon government leaders to stop a campaign of discrimination against the Eastern-rite Catholic Church." And, putting the lie to the whole Fatima-revisionist enterprise, the statement of the “Action Committee” of Romanian Catholic leaders admits what we here at Fatima.org have been saying all along: “With great regret, we have reached the firm conclusion that, even though more than 12 years have passed since the anti-Communist revolution in 1989, the Romanian Greek-Catholic Church united with Rome in Romania continues to be extremely discriminated against…. The present government of Romania continues to practice the same politics as the Communist one, which in 1948 terminated all the functions of the Romanian Greek-Catholic Church united with Rome, and confiscated all of its goods. Out of the over 2030 churches that initially belonged to the above-mentioned, only 136 of them were returned, making it impossible to practice the religion freely.”

The Action Committee further protests that “church properties have been withheld in many cases, and in other cases deliberately destroyed to prevent the lodging of a claim by Catholic owners. The statement also laments that the Romanian government has offered neither recognition of, nor legal protection for, Eastern-rite Catholic parishes.” But why should anyone be surprised? Russia has not been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart, Russia has not converted, and therefore Romania, which remains de facto a Kremlin puppet, continues to oppress the Catholic Church.

CWN notes that “Since the restoration of the Romanian Catholic hierarchy in 1989, after the fall of the Communist regime, the Eastern-rite Catholics have struggled — for the most part, unsuccessfully — for the return of their parish properties. A joint Orthodox-Catholic committee designed to facilitate the restoration of property has been unproductive.”

No kidding. But what else is one to expect, given the post-conciliar emphasis on “dialogue” through “committees” composed of both Catholics and the Church’s worst enemies? Endless dialogues in committee are just what the devil wants to see in his constant battle against the one true Church. Dialogue has replaced the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart in a Catholic social order. The Church in Her human element no longer teaches the world with the authority of God speaking. The Church now dialogues. And the Evil One could not be more pleased.