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“Conversion of Russia” Update:

Will Russia Spread Its Smallpox Throughout the World?

by Christopher A. Ferrara

Our Lady of Fatima warned that Russia would spread its errors — including “legalized” abortion — throughout the world. Now it appears that Her warning may also be understood in a literal sense.

A column by King Features columnist Charley Reese entitled “The Smallpox Hoax” (October 4, 2002) raises the question why “the United States government is trying to frighten the American people with the possibility of a biological attack that uses smallpox” when “only two governments possess smallpox viruses — the United States and Russia.” Reese notes that “Not even in its wildest accusations has the Bush administration suggested that Iraq or any other member of its ‘axis of evil’ has access to the smallpox virus. Yet it has made a big deal about buying vaccines and talked much about plans to vaccinate the entire population if an attack occurs.”

Reese opines that the only way for a smallpox attack to occur is if “someone in the United States or Russia makes the virus available to terrorists. I would think that is highly unlikely. But, by the by, it is known that Russia has developed a super-virulent form of smallpox against which vaccination would offer no protection. The U.S. government has paid the Russians for samples of this super-bug, yet Russia has found one excuse after another to avoid delivering the sample we paid for. Since Mr. Bush has stared into Russian President Vladimir Putin’s eyes and pronounced him a trustworthy friend, I wonder why President Bush hasn’t picked up the phone and asked his pal, Putin, to hand over what we’ve already paid for.”

Very good question indeed. Where is the smallpox strain we paid for? The answer seems clear enough: Putin is worried that if he hands over the sample we paid for, and then there is a terrorist-launched smallpox outbreak, the United States would be able to trace the strain back to Russia based on the sample it purchased, but which has yet to be delivered.

Another thought: Why would Russia accept payment for the sample and agree to deliver in the first place? Perhaps it is because since the time of the purchase the Practicing Christian has discovered that Russia’s super-smallpox strain has found its way into the hands of terrorists, and he is now unwilling to deliver a matching sample in anticipation of a possible super-smallpox attack on the United States. Or perhaps the Practicing Christian just wanted the money, and never had any intention of delivering the goods.

As Reese rightly observes: “This is just another example of why I believe the United States should be focusing its diplomatic and intelligence resources on Russia and China instead of diddling around with Third World countries. When you are in bear country, it pays to watch the bears and not be distracted by foxes and squirrels.”

But not according to the Fatima revisionist dupes of the neo-Catholic establishment, whose neo-Catholic version of Fatima pronounces the current state of Russia a “miracle”. May God protect us from the consequences of their continuing folly.