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Birds of a Feather

by Christopher A. Ferrara

Cuba has been a very popular destination for communist and “ex-communist” rulers of late. First, Vladimir Putin spent a few days in the sun with Castro this past winter, and now it’s Red Chinese “President” Jiang Zemin’s turn. AP reported on April 13, 2001, that “a smiling Jiang Zemin” met in Cuba with Fidel Castro to hold formal talks on “increasing trade between their communist countries, after a state dinner in which the Chinese president entertained guests with songs in Spanish and Chinese.” Seems that Jiang is quite the Party animal! He can oppress a billion people and sing Spanish songs. I guess this is the sort of kinder, gentler commie we are going to see a lot more of — now that Russia has “converted”, and all.

The AP story notes that the talks between the two communists focused on “the relationship between Beijing and Havana, with the vice ministers signing agreements for China to provide about $400 million in credits and aid to Cuba.” According to AP “Cuba, a former Soviet ally, began looking to China for help with its struggling economy after the Soviet collapse a decade ago.” A former Soviet ally? You mean Castro and the “ex-communists” who rule Russia today aren’t doing business any more? Well, of course they are. They simply have a different nomenclature for the prior arrangements. And now the still overtly communist Red Chinese are contributing beaucoup bucks to the workers’ paradise 90 miles off our shores.

The AP further notes that “In a statement on Jiang’s visit to Cuba, the international group Human Rights Watch charged both governments with rights abuses, including arbitrary detentions and restrictions on freedom of expression.” In response, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhu said that “in the area of human rights we [China and Cuba] share the same points of view.” No! Really?

Of course, there are no more restrictions on freedom of expression in “converted” Russia. All those private TV stations are being shut down because of “debts” and “tax evasion”, not because of what they broadcast. As for the fatal accidents which have been claiming so many Russian reporters lately, that’s just an anomalous statistical “cluster”. Besides, the Catholic Church is “free” in Russia today — so long as it doesn’t proselytize, establish parishes and dioceses, or try to keep its priests (nearly all of whom are non-Russians) in the country for more than 90 days at a time. (Of course, business visitors can stay up to six months.)

Let’s put some puzzle pieces together: Russia signs a major arms and technology agreement with Red China. Then Putin visits Cuba to show his solidarity with Fidel. Then Jian visits Cuba to hand out $400 million in credits — no doubt to help Cuba buy from China some of the arms and technology China has imported from Russia.

One’s head just spins with all the “miracles” that have happened since the “consecration of Russia” in 1984. The chief miracle is that the Fatima revisionists have managed to persuade anyone that anything has really changed with the communist birds who are flocking together in sunny Cuba these days.