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“Conversion of Russia” Update:

Russian Towns Offer Houses in Exchange for Babies

by Christopher A. Ferrara

Since the “consecration of Russia” in 1984, the Russian abortion rate has only risen — to the point where 2/3 of pregnancies in Russia now end in abortion, with an incredible average of five abortions per Russian woman. As a result, the Russian population has been declining at the rate of 2500 people a day.

On December 27, 2002 The Telegraph of London reported that in some Russian localities desperate measures are being taken to reverse this disastrous trend. The article notes that “Drastic steps are being taken to halt the falling birth rate in Russia,” and cites the example of one “Natasha”, who was offered a deal by the village council of the village in which she resides: “prove she was fertile, that her husband was not an alcoholic and agree to having three children in five years. In exchange the local council would buy her a house of her own. Providing she fulfilled her child-bearing obligations there would be no repayments to make, and, after five years, nothing owing.”

The article observes that: “the babies-for-houses scheme was introduced this year in Ahtubinsk, a poverty-stricken region of southern Russia. It is a desperate attempt to reverse the falling birthrate, that, if it is not checked, will depopulate swathes of the area. The problem is one shared by the whole of Russia. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, AIDS, alcoholism and poverty have pushed the country’s population into decline. According to some predictions, at present rates the population could fall from 143 million to 90 million by 2050. Last year President Putin said the problem threatened the very existence of Russia.”

But it seems that Vladimir (the “Practicing Christian”) Putin will do nothing to stem the blood-tide of abortion in Russia. The article further notes that in Natasha’s town, as in the rest of Russia, “the biggest problem is the lack of babies,” and that “frustrated at what they say is a lack of determination to deal with the problem at the top, local authorities have decided to take matters into their own hands.” The Telegraph quotes one Alexei Furik, a regional administrator who concocted the houses-for-babies deal. Furik declares that “Since the collapse of the USSR we have been losing two per cent of our population a year. The government and the president always talk about this problem but they never do anything. So we decided to act alone.”

Note well: the Russian population has been declining 2% per year since the “collapse of the USSR”. Here again we see the Fatima Curse at work: the fruits of the 1984 “consecration” are barrenness and decay, because Heaven’s request has been spurned. Men have dared to offer a substitute — a consecration of the world, not Russia — for what God commanded. But, of course, one cannot bargain with God and get Him to accept less than what He specified. The current condition of Russia is God’s answer to man’s attempt at a compromise with Him.

Will the offer of houses-for-babies reverse Russia’s decline? No. Nothing will — except the means that God has decreed. The stubborn refusal to use those means is one of the greatest tragedies in the history of the human race.