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“Conversion of Russia” Update

A New and More Dangerous Atheism

by Christopher A. Ferrara

As we approach the twenty-second year following the “consecration” of Russia in 1984, the moral and spiritual condition of the “former Soviet Union” continues to worsen. One of the more telling bits of evidence in this regard is the recent address of Latvian Cardinal Janis Pujats, reported by on August 16, 2005.

Cardinal Pujats delivered a homily, broadcast live on state television and radio, in which he condemned a “gay pride” parade “held in the country for the first time last month.” LifeSite reports that “Some 50 gay activists marched in the streets and attended a service in an Anglican church. The small contingent was dwarfed by thousands of protestors.”

According to LifeSite, the Cardinal “warned that homosexual militancy is more dangerous than the militancy experienced by the war-torn country in Soviet times. ‘In Soviet times we faced atheism, which oppressed religion; now we have an era of sexual atheism…. This form of atheism is even more infectious and dangerous, spiritual values disappear in a swamp of sexual irregularity’.”

In remarks that can only be called courageous, the Cardinal further declared: “Just imagine! Homosexuality is viewed as a value, although it is one of the most serious sins! If gays and lesbians had gone to a church to repent their sins, we would have welcomed it. But this parade was intended to show off their sin. Why did they do it in a church? To show how absurd they are?”

Even the Russian ambassador was constrained to note that “today the mortality rate in Latvia exceeds the number of births, and now here is an attempt to say in the framework of democratic principles that this [the gay parade] is necessary and democratic. This is not only a matter of the church, but that any normal individual should understand that cheating nature is impossible.”

As Russia proper descends into neo-Stalinist repression under Vladimir the Dictator, predominantly Catholic Eastern Latvia suffers from the spread of Russia’s errors in their most subtle form: the religion of social, political and sexual pluralism, whose god is “liberty”. This, as the Cardinal rightly noted, is the deadliest of all forms of atheism, for it conceals its rebellion against the true God with the slogans of “democracy”.

In Russia there is a reversion to Stalinist-style dictatorship. In Latvia, militant homosexualism advances. Where in any of this is the least sign of the conversion of Russia the dupes of Fatima revisionism — like Father Robert J. Fox and his EWTN cronies — have been extolling for well nigh 22 years? Let the dupes answer that question before the Church and the world, before it is too late for all of us!