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“Conversion of Russia” Update:

The “New” KGB Muzzles Soviet Scientists

by Christopher A. Ferrara

These must be very distressing days indeed for the Father Gruner-bashers who populate such websites as and “Traditional Catholic Reflections and Reports” (the latter being basically a lone wolf project operated out of someone’s home in Massachusetts). For years the Fatima revisionists have been telling us that we can expect the conversion of Russia any day now, any day, because the “consecration” of Russia took place 17 years ago … and counting.

But the reality of the Russian situation continues to confound these folks, as the evidence against their increasingly ridiculous position piles up in astonishing profusion. As I have said in other columns on this seemingly inexhaustible subject, what we are seeing in Russia today can only be called the Fatima Curse (a phrase coined by pro-life attorney James Bendell) — namely, Heaven’s answer to the claim that Russia was “consecrated” to Mary’s Immaculate Heart way back in 1984.

I hereby offer Exhibit skazillion-and-one on this point. On May 31, 2001, Reuters news agency reported that “A top parliamentarian said Thursday Russia’s main scientific body had told its members to report all dealings with foreigners in a return of Soviet-style control, but a government official denied such an order existed.” According to Reuters, “Sergei Kovalyov, a veteran human rights activist and a Duma member, said the existence of an order from the Russian Academy of Sciences to its members corresponded with a new suspicion of the West fostered by the FSB domestic security service.”

Well, this all has a very familiar ring. The KGB — excuse me, the FSB; we mustn’t forget the “miraculous” changes which have occurred in Russia since the “consecration — issues an order requiring Russian scientists to report to the FSB whenever they contact a foreigner. Having issued the order, the government then denies that such an order exists. But of course we can believe the Kremlin’s denial, can’t we? After all, Russia is converting.

But the truth is that the only conversion going on here is the conversion of the initials KGB to FSB. Meanwhile, it seems that this non-existent KGB — oops, FSB — order “also contained a clause which could be used to limit scientists’ access to the Internet.” And, as Kovalyov lamented, “Trials linked to the so-called excessive freedom of scientific research are not so rare for us now.”

Reuters further reports that “fears of the rise of the FSB have grown under President Vladimir Putin, a former head of the organization and a one-time KGB spy in former East Germany. Putin has also named several former security service men to high-profile positions.”

Any idiot can see what is going on in Russia today. Yet another false opening to the West is being followed by yet another closing of the window, as Putin and his fellow “ex-communists” tighten their grip on the Russian people.

The stooges of Fatima revisionism know the truth, of course, but are unwilling to face it. And so they ratchet up the Father Gruner-bashing as a distraction, just like the useful idiots of the 1950’s gave cover to communists by attacking anyone who sought to expose communist activities here and abroad.

The Fatima revisionists need to understand that this is not a game. If they are wrong about the “consecration” of Russia — and all the evidence suggests they are — then what is at stake is nothing less than the fate of the entire world in this epoch of human history. Are the Fatima revisionists willing to commit one of the greatest follies of all time for the sake of their own blinkered pride? Only time will tell. But time is running out.