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The Russian bear growls again —
are we listening?!

by James W. Bannister

In my article “Putin Announces New Cold War!” (The Fatima Crusader No. 85, p. 27) I reported on an amazing statement made in February by Russian President Vladimir Putin. He told us plainly that Russia was arming itself — not that it had ever disarmed — supposedly to counter US plans to dominate eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Six weeks later the Russians said the same thing again! A major strategy paper released by the Russian foreign ministry on March 27th said that “a strong Russia is a force for good in international affairs and allows the country to take the lead in trying to resolve serious conflicts.”

And, they stressed, Russia’s role is not just to pursue its own narrow interests but to be “a peacemaker and a generator of ideas about how to build a new world order”. A new world order! Those words should make our blood run cold! A new world order is what the Masons, the secularists, the communists and their fellow-travellers and well-wishers have been plotting and planning for lo these many centuries!

Now comes yet another warning — the third in three months! On April 26th, Putin himself said that he (note: not the Russian government, but he, personally) is suspending Russia’s obligations under the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty.

Once again, Putin blamed the USA for his own plans for aggression. He said that the NATO signatories to the 1990 treaty are not respecting it and that the US plan to put missile-defense systems in Poland and the Czech Republic makes matters worse. Meanwhile, Russia has failed to fulfill its own promises to withdraw its troops from Georgia and Moldova. So we see once again the pot calling the kettle black.

What is worrying is the West’s response — or lack thereof — to the Russian saber-rattling. So far all that has happened is that the NATO Secretary-General has asked for an explanation of Putin’s words. “I expect Foreign Minister (Sergei) Lavrov to explain the words of his President,” Jaap de Hoop Scheffer told a news conference.

An explanation? He wants an explanation? Which of Mr. Putin’s words do our Western leaders not understand? Russia is making its intentions very plain.

Russian opposition leader (and one-time world chess champion) Garry Kasparov spoke recently of “the Stalinization of Russia”. He says, and recent news reports show clearly, that Vladimir Putin is solidifying his grip on power, crushing all opposition, and generally consolidating his position as the dictator of Russia. He is in every sense a dictator, just as much as Stalin was in his heyday.

What does the new Russian dictator intend? His words are very clear. His intentions were known to Our Lady of Fatima 90 years ago. The Blessed Virgin did not warn us of the errors of Lenin, or the errors of communism, or the errors of the Soviet Union. She warned us of the errors of Russia! To all intents and purposes, Russia is Vladimir Putin, and Vladimir Putin is Russia. We must listen to what he says and pray and work harder than ever for the conversion of Russia. Otherwise Russia will enslave the world — as Putin clearly intends — other nations will be annihilated and millions, even billions of souls will be lost.