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Putin Commences the New Cold War

by Christopher A. Ferrara

In the 23 years that have elapsed since The-Consecration-that-Wasn’t, we have watched as every confident prediction of Father Fox and his fellow Fatima revisionists is confounded by events in Russia. Russia is converting, they have been saying for more than two decades — if not religiously, to the Catholic faith, then at least morally, or at least politically or at least militarily.

Since 1984 we have seen the Fatima revisionists, in their desperation, give an increasingly elastic meaning to the word “convert” — to the point where they now argue that when Our Lady prophesied that Russia “will be converted” upon its consecration to the Immaculate Heart, She meant only that Russia would “turn” from its “former ways” without undergoing any conversion to Catholicism. That is, according to them, Our Lady prophesied nothing more than the illusory “fall of communism”, unaccompanied by any religious or even moral revival in Russia, where abortions exceed live births, the population is dwindling by some 800,000 per year due to alcoholism and violent crime, which are rampant.

But even this revisionist claim has proven hollow, as Vladimir Putin has revealed himself to be the neo-Stalinist dictator of a wholly unconverted Russia. And now, as Joseph Farah has noted in his G2 Bulletin of May 3, “A report by the Russian desk of Britain’s secret intelligence service sees a “growing possibility’ President Vladimir Putin is prepared to resurrect the climate of the Cold War.”

Farah notes that this report, by the British intelligence agency MI6, “concludes Putin is willing to use Russia’s very substantial oil and gas reserves as leverage. … He demonstrated that when he switched off the gas supplies to the Ukraine last year to win a political battle between Moscow and [Kiev].” The MI6 report warns that “Increasingly Europe, and ultimately Britain, will become dependent on Russian gas supplies.”

Most alarming is Putin’s remark, noted by the MI6 report, that the proposed U.S. missile defense system in Europe will increase “the risk of mutual destruction.” Farah observes that “It is the first time since the height of the Cold War that a Russian leader has chosen such chilling words.”

According to Farah, Putin, a “former” KGB officer, is “already furious at the way Britain continues to press its investigation into the murder of spy Alexander Litvinenko” — it’s not nice to investigate Kremlin assassination plots — and Putin’s “anger was further fueled by Britain’s criticism of Russia’s human rights abuses in war-torn Chechnya.” Farah quotes Alex Pravda, a Russian expert at Oxford University, who states that “I have never seen Britain singled out for such critical comment. There is a new confidence and defiance in Russian foreign policy.”

What do Father Fox and his fellow Fatima revisionists have to say about all of this? Nothing, of course. Having misled millions of Catholics for 23 years, they are not about to admit their error — even if that error has contributed to the gathering apocalypse that will be the ultimate consequence of failing to do what Our Lady of Fatima requested.