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By its own admission:
Russia intends to spread its errors

by James W. Bannister

Our Lady of Fatima warned us 90 years ago that if Her requests were not heeded, Russia would continue to spread its errors throughout the world and would become God’s instrument of chastisement by which the world would be punished for its sins against God and Mary’s Immaculate Heart.

There are some, even now, who have not believed Our Lady, who have not heeded Her warning. They say that Russia’s intentions are peaceful, especially now that the Communists have been overthrown. The Russians are a force for good in the world, they say. The Russians are reasonable people, they say. We can get along with them, they say. In fact, they say, we should join with the Russians to create a New World Order, after which the world will know true peace.

Rubbish! The people in power in Russia today are the same people, right from Vladimir Putin on down, who ruled the Soviet Union before the sham “peaceful overthrow” of the Communists. And their intentions are exactly the same as in the days the USSR faced off against the USA in the Cold War.

Do you doubt me, gentle reader? Please read my article “The Eve of Annihilation?: Putin Announces New Cold War” in the latest issue of The Fatima Crusader (No. 85).

Do you still doubt? Consider the evidence of a major strategy paper released by the Russian foreign ministry on March 27th. According to the Reuters report, the paper says that “a strong Russia is a force for good in international affairs and allows the country to take the lead in trying to resolve serious conflicts.”

Apparently President Putin’s silencing of any effective opposition has combined with high energy prices and a stronger economy to give Russia the confidence to “assert itself” abroad. How do you feel about that, gentle reader? Do you feel reassured? Or do you feel threatened?

The USA feels threatened, and rightly so. Vice-President Cheney has accused the Kremlin of using its vast energy resources to blackmail its neighbors. Oh no, the Russians say! The foreign ministry’s Review of Foreign Policy stressed Russia’s role was not just to pursue its own narrow interests but as a peacemaker and a generator of ideas about how to build a new world order.

Exactly! That is what the Russians want, a new world order in which the errors of Russia — atheism, totalitarianism, abortion and all manner of evil — will be the norm, and Christian values as well as the upholder of those values — the Catholic Church — will be suppressed. Doubt no more. If you don’t believe Our Lady of Fatima, take the Russians’ own words for it.

If you do believe Our Lady’s warning, you owe it to yourself to listen and obey Her. Pray the Rosary, wear the Brown Scapular and make the Five First Saturday Devotion. You owe it to your family and your nation to pass the Fatima Message on to those who have never heard it before as well as to those who, in spite of all the evidence, still do not believe.