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Putin confirms it!
Russia is the nation
which will chastise Europe

by James W. Bannister, B.A., LL.B.

On the eve of the G-8 summit to be held this week in Germany, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a three-hour dinner interview with one newspaper from each of the G-8 nations. He was quoted in the Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper, as having threatened to target Europe with missiles carrying nuclear warheads.

This is not just more Cold-War-style rhetoric. Putin’s threats are simply a bald statement of his intention to provoke a showdown with the United States, which will be played out in Europe, the so-called cradle of Christendom.

Putin accused the U.S. of provoking Russia by its plans to build an eastern European anti-missile site to shoot down Iranian missiles. According to the Globe and Mail, Mr. Putin said, “What kind of steps are we going to take in response? Of course, we are going to get new targets in Europe.”

One wonders what targets Putin has in mind? “It is obvious that if part of the strategic nuclear potential of the United States is located in Europe, and according to our military experts will be threatening us, we will have to respond,” Putin said. “What kind of means will be used to hit the targets that our military believe are potential threats to the Russian federation? This is a purely technical issue, be it ballistic missiles or cruise missiles, or some kinds of novel weapons systems — this is a purely technical issue.”

The fact is that Europe is militarily weak. It has relied on the United States for its real defense since 1946. And it is morally weak. It has turned its back on the Church and the Faith. Instead it is preoccupied with sex, drugs and all the hedonistic pleasures of the modern world.

Once again Mr. Putin has made his intentions abundantly clear. Russia is going to reinvade the former states of the USSR — the Baltic states and Ukraine for instance — and then move back into Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and so on.

Those countries will then cry out to France, Germany and the U.K. to defend them because they are part of the EU. And the European countries, being too weak to stand up to Russia on their own, will cry out to the U.S.A. And there you have it — World War III, coming soon to a theater of war near you!

But it need not be this way. There is what today’s movie-makers call “an alternative ending”. If the request of Our Lady of Fatima for the Consecration of Russia is heeded, Russia would not be the instrument of chastisement but God’s means of saving a decadent Europe.

St. John Bosco prophesied this. He had a vision of Russia invading France. As it did so, it carried a black flag. While Russia was in France, the standard changed to white and Russia remained in western Europe to defend it.

It all comes down to this. If the Catholic Church will not listen to Our Lady, we will see a bloody invasion of Europe. Vladimir Putin promises this to us! But if the Pope, in union with the bishops, publicly and solemnly consecrates Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, Russia will be converted and its flag will be changed from black to white. Russia will stay to save Christendom, but only if it is converted through the merits of the Blessed Virgin Mary.