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Russia’s New Stalin

by Christopher A. Ferrara

Well, the parliamentary elections in Russia are over, and Putin has won. Having captured control of the mass media and driven opposition parties out of existence, Putin prevailed by some 63% of the vote, heavily padded with a flood of absentee ballots signed by the employees of Kremlin-controlled companies under the watchful gaze of their Kremlin-controlled managers.

When one adds up the vote for Putin’s United Russia Party, the Putin-controlled “Just Russia” Party, and Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s “Liberal Democrats”, who are also loyal to Putin, it appears that Putin now controls, as Russian affairs commentator Kim Zigfeld points out, “about 400 of the 450 available Duma seats — close to 90% of the body, with at least three-quarters officially pledged to Putin and perhaps a constitutional majority of two-thirds going to United Russia itself.” As a result, Zigfeld concludes, “The only ‘opposition’ to Putin, the proud KGB spy, will be card-carrying communists, with all the pro-West, pro-democracy parties now totally purged from the Duma.” (Pajamas Media report, December 3, 2007)

So, Putin has won by a landslide. Yet, Putin was not running in this election. This was a parliamentary, not a Presidential, election, and Putin is supposed to be stepping down as Russia’s president in keeping with the Russian constitution, which bars him from serving another term. But, of course, Putin was running in this election. The “election”, in fact, was only about him. The Russian Constitution is irrelevant, for Putin will not be giving up power. He will continue to exercise power as President by way of a constitutional amendment — now possible because he controls the necessary 2/3 majority of the Duma — or by way of his appointment as “prime minister” by whichever flunky United Russia nominates, at Putin’s command, to run for President in 2008.

As Zigfeld concludes, even if the “landslide” for Putin were not the result of fraud and dirty tricks, it would mean that “the population of Russia is willingly embracing what can only be called a neo-Soviet dictatorship.” But if the vote was indeed a sham, then “it means we already see before us a fully realized totalitarian state. Either way, it’s a dark new age for Russia.”

A new dark age for Russia — twenty-three years after Russia’s alleged “consecration” in 1984? Putin presiding over a neo-Soviet dictatorship under which abortions outnumber live births, Catholics represent less than 1% of the population, and not even the Russian Orthodox practice their religion? This is Russia’s “conversion”?

As the Vatican apparatus led by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone continues to conceal the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary which explain the mysterious vision of the “Bishop dressed in white”, the signs of disaster in Russia continue to multiply, as do the signs of a disaster for the world at large.

Pope Benedict has freed the Latin Mass from its insane captivity by those who lied to us for decades about its “prohibition” by Paul VI. Will Benedict free the remainder of the Third Secret of Fatima from the clutches of those who are lying when they tell us that the Virgin had nothing — absolutely nothing — to say about the meaning of the very vision She conveyed to the three children at Cova da Iria? Time will tell. But time is running out. We can only pray that the Secret will be revealed and Russia consecrated before the Pope in the vision is killed by soldiers outside that half-ruined city filled with cadavers. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for Us!