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Russia Declares War on Georgia

by Christopher A. Ferrara

As this column is being written, the heavenly admonitions of the Message of Fatima loom larger than ever for the Church and the world. Vladimir Putin, the real ruler of Russia, has begun an invasion of neighboring Georgia that is clearly intended to recapture that nation as part of a reconstructed neo-Soviet empire based on oil wealth.

Georgia, which became independent of the Kremlin after the “fall of communism” in 1991, will not be independent much longer. On the pretext of retaliating for attacks on Russian “peacekeepers” in the purportedly pro-Russian separatist region of South Ossetia, Putin has sent his tanks into central Georgia itself, is advancing toward the key port city of Gori, and is bombing Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi. By the time you read this, Georgia may already be in Putin’s full and unchallengeable possession.

As the New York Times notes: “Russia, emboldened by windfall profits from oil exports, is showing a resolve to reassert its dominance in a region it has always considered its ‘near abroad.’” (August 10, 2008) Indeed, Georgia, with its strategic Black Sea ports, would be a key piece in a Putin strategy to maintain a stranglehold over oil supplies to the entire region of the “former Soviet Union.”

The White House has declared “that Russian aggression must not go unanswered, and that its continuation would have serious consequences for its relations with the United States, as well as the broader international community.”

Empty words. The United States will do precisely nothing to assist the Georgian people in resisting this neo-Soviet invasion — and this after the Bush administration set Georgia up for invasion by encouraging its pro-Western moves, training its military, and dangling NATO membership before it. “Where are the Americans?,” the Georgian people are now asking. They are not coming. That is for sure.

The Bush administration can do nothing because (a) the U.S. military is a technology-laden paper tiger that is very low on manpower, as Putin knows too well; (b) Russia is not a puny adversary like Iraq; and (c) even if Washington had any stomach for a military encounter with Russian forces, U.S. ground forces, already dangerously thin, are tied down to the preposterous project of propping up a U.S.-installed Islamic regime in Iraq, which has forged new ties with Iran and a $1.7 billion deal to sell its oil to Red China. The Bush foreign policy could not be a bigger joke — a joke whose consequences have been, and will be, catastrophic for the West.

Russia will spread its errors throughout the world. That is what Our Lady of Fatima told us in 1917. Today, 91 years later, Russia’s errors are now in conflict with…. Russia’s errors. The decadent democracies of the West — rotted from within by legalized abortion, which began in Soviet Russia, and by other forms of rebellion against divine authority — must contend with a revived Russian Bear that is using Russian Orthodoxy, a creature of the Kremlin, to stoke the fires of nationalism in Putin’s neo-Stalinist dictatorship.

And what of the Fatima revisionists — especially Cardinal Bertone — who have been hailing Russia’s non-existent conversion since the non-consecration of 1984? What of these all-too-fallible authorities, who, as Bertone assured us in 2000, dare to assert that the Message of Fatima and the Third Secret in particular “belong to the past”? Will they now, at last, admit that they have erred, that something is wrong with their calculations? Or will they continue to maintain a silence that makes them complicit in everything that has happened, and is about to happen, because the Church — following their counsel — has not done as Our Lady requested?

Our Lady of Fatima, intercede for us! Our Lady of Fatima, rescue us from the false prudence of mere men, and bring on the triumph of Your Immaculate Heart!