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China and Russia Becoming Bosom Buddies

by Christopher A. Ferrara

WorldNetdaily.com, which has taken the lead in reporting on the alarming embrace of China and Russia in recent years, now reports (May 1, 2001) that according to the official Voice of Russia World Service: “Russia and communist China have forged a new cooperative agreement that seeks to shape a ‘fair, democratic world order’.” Stalin himself could not have launched a Big Lie of this magnitude with a straight face.

Voice of Russia also advises that China and Russia “have identical or similar positions on all key international problems.” Now that I’ll buy. “The basic position Russia and China share is that they must cooperate with each other “to establish a ‘New World Order’ … which would challenge the perceived ‘uni-polar’ world dominated by the United States.”

According to WorldNet, Voice of Russia has also announced “The initial draft of a new, far-reaching pact between Moscow and Beijing” which was agreed to on April 29, 2001. As a result, Vladimir Putin was delighted to announce that “Russian-Chinese relations have ‘acquired a new quality’.” This means that now “Russia and China have almost no problems that would prove annoying to their relations.” How lovely for them.

But this is not just an era of good feeling between these two giants of democracy and human decency. No, we are talking here about much more: “a full-scale strategic partnership” and “ever more frequent contacts at all levels”, says Voice of Russia.

WorldNet observes that this “strategic partnership” between China and Russia is nothing new: “According to the BBC, the term ‘strategic partnership’ was first used to describe Russian-Chinese relations in 1996 by then-President Boris Yeltsin.” What is more, Radio Moscow reported in August 1994 that “Russia and China negotiated a significant arms agreement, which included missiles, tanks, airborne radar and the education of Chinese cadets at Russian military academies.”

Well, it’s certainly lucky for us that Russia was “consecrated” to the Immaculate Heart in 1984, isn’t it? We can be certain that because of the “consecration”, China’s and Russia’s ever-more-intimate embrace will mean the “conversion” of both nations. Of course, conversion doesn’t mean what it used to — but then, neither does the Message of Fatima. Except here at fatima.org, and in the minds of those Catholics who haven’t been dumbed-down by the Fatima revisionist propaganda of EWTN and the other neo-Catholic organs of post-conciliar correctness.

I wonder: When China invades Taiwan with Russian assistance, to what “miracle” will the Fatima revisionists ascribe the invasion? The blind guides are quickly approaching the ditch. But even when they and their followers fall into it, they will no doubt proudly proclaim how level the ground is.