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"Conversion of Russia" Update:

The Cult of Putin Rises in Russia

by Christopher A. Ferrara

As the useful idiots of the Fatima revisionist camp continue to tell us that Russia is converting, all of the pieces are falling into place for a “return” to Soviet-style authoritarianism. In keeping with that trend, a Cult of Putin is now developing in Russia.

As reported in the Electronic Telegraph of May 8, 2001 “the cult of President Putin received new impetus yesterday when thousands of students celebrated the first anniversary of his inauguration under the Kremlin walls. The rally, where many wore T-shirts decorated with Mr. Putin's face, plumbed new depths of grovelling to the former KGB colonel, who is already immortalized in children’s books, sculpture and obsequious coverage in the media. Speakers tried to outdo each other in their praise of the great leader. Their rhetoric yielded new insights into the thinking of Putin loyalists, who now dominate the bureaucracy, parliament and state broadcasting.”

The Electronic Telegraph piece goes on to note, with evident sarcasm, that “Young people themselves were also allowed to express their admiration for Mr. Putin and their faith in Russia’s great future under his rule. ‘Our enormous country is growing and flourishing,’ Marina from St. Petersburg told the crowd. ‘Finally someone worthy of our country is its head of state, Vladimir Putin’.” According to the article some young people even read poems dedicated to Putin, printed in special newspapers published to celebrate the wonderful occasion of his anniversary in office.

Let me connect the dots for our Fatima revisionist friends: Putin was “elected” after he was handed the Kremlin and its vast political apparatus in a backroom Communist Party deal with Yeltsin. Putin then set about reestablishing centralized control over the various regions of Russia, re-nationalizing major industries, shutting down independent television stations on grounds of “tax evasion” and “debt collection”, putting journalists under FSG (formerly KGB) surveillance, entering into a trade and military alliance with Red China, and overseeing the quite successful efforts of the Moscow patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church to suppress any expansion by the Catholic Church, which is forbidden even to have permanent resident priests and bishops in the country. In the midst of all this, crowds of young people “spontaneously” gather to sing the praises of the great Vladimir and read poems of tribute to his greatness.

In short, Vladimir Putin is nothing but a Soviet-style dictator who is systematically reassembling the never-quite-disassembled apparatus of the Soviet state. Here again even the secular press can see what our purblind Fatima revisionist friends cannot.

What will it take for the Fatima revisionists to admit they are wrong about the “conversion” of Russia? Who knows? This much, however, is certain: The Fatima revisionists will be exposed by history as the dupes that they are. Theirs will be a legacy of shame.