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"Conversion of Russia" Update:

“Approved” Chinese Bishops Defy Pope

by Christopher A. Ferrara
November 3, 2011

The Vatican’s effort to bring an end to the schism in Communist China is revealing itself to be yet another failure of Vatican diplomacy in this age of post-Vatican II “dialogue” with the Church’s enemies.

Since the 1950s, with the cooperation of Catholic prelates who defected from the Church, the Communist Chinese “Patriotic Catholic Association” (PCA) has purported to consecrate more than 100 bishops without the required papal mandate, the penalty for which is automatic excommunication. These blatantly schismatic prelates have been installed as replacements for the hierarchy of the true Catholic Church in China, which has been driven underground since the spread of Russia’s errors to that nation in the 1930s.

But the Vatican Secretary of State thinks he can repair the schism simply by having schismatic bishops, handpicked by Chinese Communist overlords, “recognize” the Holy See in return from which the Holy See “recognizes” them. We are told that a large number of the schismatic bishops have “recognized” Rome and are thus considered to be in “full communion” with the Church.

Yet the same “recognized” prelates remain part of the PCA! In other words, they pay lip service to the true Church while remaining part of the false one created by the Communist regime in Beijing. Based on this diplomatic exchange of “recognitions,” the spiritual problem of schism is supposedly solved, at least according to the Secretary of State.

That this diplomatic “solution” to the schism is a complete joke has been revealed by the latest illicit consecration of a PCA bishop. As reported by Alessandro Zangrando in Rome, one Father Lei Shiyin has just been made a bishop in an illicit ceremony, without papal approval, in which seven bishops “recognized” by the Holy See participated, along with the “Chinese authorities” who selected the priest. (“Roman Landscape,” Latin Mass magazine, Summer 2011.)

Worse, the priest in question, who now holds himself out as a Catholic bishop, is involved with a woman who has given birth to his son out of wedlock. Still worse, Zangrando’s sources report that the Holy See had earlier informed this priest that under no circumstances would the Pope approve his consecration as a bishop. But the seven “recognized” bishops of the schismatic PCA went ahead with the consecration anyway.

But not only has the PCA consecrated this priest a bishop without papal approval, it has also recently forbidden the consecration of a bishop the Pope had approved, a ceremony that was to take place in Handan.

As Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun protested from Hong Kong after these events took place, the Vatican bureaucracy is still following “a wrong policy, the wrong strategy – which is the old ‘Ostpolitik’” — meaning the accommodation of Communist governments in a foolish bid to improve the condition of Catholics by placating their persecutors. “This policy of Ostpolitik – which is compromise at any cost, to please the government always, to always avoid confrontation – led to the present situation...”, said the Cardinal. (Zenit News, April 12, 2011.)

And so it goes in the post-conciliar Vatican, where men who think themselves more prudent than the Virgin Most Prudent enter into deals with the devil in the vain expectation that they will get the better of the bargain. Only when the Church is delivered from the hands of these worldly wise incompetents will Heaven’s plan for the Church in China, the Church in Russia, and peace in the world — the plan revealed at Fatima — be carried out. Until then, the Bride of Christ will continue to suffer humiliations like this one. May the Mother of God intervene for us and for Holy Church.