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"Conversion of Russia" Update:

“Converted” Russia Deploys New “Satan” Missile

by Christopher A. Ferrara
January 4, 2012

Reader Matt Gaspers has kindly flagged for me a story about Russia’s unveiling of a new intercontinental ballistic missile dubbed “the Satan missile” by Western intelligence analysts.

According to an article at aol.defense, the introduction of the new ICBM, which replaces an older “Satan missile,” is “part of a renewed effort to bolster the country’s missile defense systems” after U.S.-Moscow talks on nuclear missile defense collapsed.

As reported by the English edition of Pravda the missile will take its place alongside Russia’s new Yars missiles, the Topol-M and Bulava ICBMs, which are “unvulnerable [sic] to the US missile defense system” because during the initial boost phase they “perform active [evasive] maneuvers, which makes it impossible for interceptors to plan the attack.” Pravda notes that the Russian Strategic Missile Force (SMF) now consists of “more than 350 missile complexes of six types. Three of them are silo-based and three others are mobile ground-based complexes,” in addition to the nuclear missies on strategic nuclear submarines and bombers. Further, beginning this year, there will be “86 launch systems with Topol-M and Yars systems in the structure of the combat group of the SMF,” meaning that state-of-the art ICBMs, capable of evading all current missile defense systems, “will grow up to 25 percent.”

The Kremlin’s program of modernizing its missile systems reminds me of that ludicrous purported interview of Sister Lucy by one Carlos Evaristo back in 1993. Granted mysterious unfettered access to the seer, when even high-ranking prelates needed special permission from the Vatican to meet with her, Evaristo claimed that “Sister Lucy” declared as follows regarding the Consecration of Russia that Wasn’t in 1984:

But when [in 1984] we were at the beginning of a nuclear war and all of a sudden (sic), those projects for war that the nations had ... From one moment to another at the moment when the Holy Father made the consecration, those projects of war ... Everything changed! and (sic) these projects of war ... changed into projects of peace! ... These were projects to terminate everything that have now changed into projects to liberate! ...

We never did learn from Evaristo what exactly his version of Sister Lucy meant by “projects of peace” in Russia. But there is no reason to think Sister Lucy was that naïve. For as Evaristo himself admitted concerning his 1992 purported “interview” with the seer (of which the 1993 interview was less of the same), it was “not a literal translation. It is a conceptual translation. The language used in this document is based on the actual Portuguese dialogue ...” No wonder Father Francisco Pacheco (a lawyer as well as a priest) publicly disavowed the interview in its entirety:

I was the official translator of this meeting, which lasted two hours. I categorically affirm that the booklet entitled Two Hours with Sister Lucy published by Carlos Evaristo contains lies and half-truths and is not to be believed. When I was first shown a copy in January 1993, I immediately contacted Carlos Evaristo and I personally told him not to publish this booklet because of the gross lies that he had put in it ... I trust that this will end the confusion caused by Carlos Evaristo and his notorious pamphlet.1

Sister Lucy is no longer with us. But still very much with us is the myth of Russia’s “conversion” following consecration ceremonies (in 1982 and 1984) that deliberately avoided any mention of Russia.

The only conversion going on in Russia today is the conversion of her ballistic missile system into state-of-the-art weapons of mass destruction. Yet the supporters of the Vatican Secretary of State’s party line on Fatima persist in their dogged denial of the obvious, while the state of the Church and the fate of the world hang in the balance. Only the Queen of Heaven can deliver us from their folly.


  1. Letter of Father Francisco Pacheco, O.C.C., Postal, 60.033-790-Fort-CE-Brazil, published in The Fatima Crusader magazine, Issue No. 46, p. 15, January 1994.