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"Conversion of Russia" Update:

Pacifist Russia?
Only According to Fatima's False Friends

by Christopher A. Ferrara
February 24, 2012

Back in 1992-93, an obscure layman by the name of Carlos Evaristo somehow gained unfettered access to Sister Lucy, the last surviving visionary of Fatima, even though the rest of the world required permission from the Vatican to see her. The result of this mysterious access was the publication of two purported interviews of the seer — an unheard of liberty extended to no one else. Evaristo's account of the first interview was repudiated by the official translator in attendance, Father Francisco Pacheco (a lawyer as well as a priest), who declared:

I was the official translator of this meeting, which lasted two hours. I categorically affirm that the booklet entitled Two Hours with Sister Lucy published by Carlos Evaristo contains lies and half-truths and is not to be believed. When I was first shown a copy in January 1993, I immediately contacted Carlos Evaristo and I personally told him not to publish this booklet because of the gross lies that he had put in it ... I trust that this will end the confusion caused by Carlos Evaristo and his notorious pamphlet. [Letter of Father Francisco Pacheco, O.C.C. Postal, 60.033-790-Fort-CE-Brazil, published in The Fatima Crusader magazine, Issue No. 46, January 1994, p. 15].

Evaristo himself all but admitted the deception in the process of producing a second “interview” in 1993. In his pamphlet presenting the second “interview” he states that the first was “not a literal translation. It is a conceptual translation. The language used in this document is based on the actual Portuguese dialogue ...” [It All Started with Two Hours with Sister Lucy, p. 4.] In other words, it was a fabrication.

The second interview was more of the same — that is, “lies and half-truths... not to be believed,” to use Father Pacheco's words. One of those patent falsehoods was Evaristo's claim that Sister Lucy proclaimed Russia's conversion to pacifism after the non-existent “consecration of Russia,” during the famous 1984 ceremony from which any mention of Russia was deliberately omitted. As “Sister Lucy” is purported to have said to Evaristo:

From one moment to another at the moment when the Holy Father made the consecration, those projects of war ... Everything changed! and (sic) these projects of war ... changed into projects of peace! ... These were projects to terminate everything that have now changed into projects to liberate! ...

Projects to liberate, eh? Name three! Of course, “Sister Lucy” named none, because there were none, and are none today. Pacifist Russia is as much a fantasy as the 1984 consecration itself.

Back in the real world from which Sister Lucy departed in 2005 — leaving behind this vale of tears — we read in the Wall Street Journal of February 20, 2012 that “Russian Prime Minister and presidential candidate Vladimir Putin pledged to spend 23 trillion rubles ($770 billion) on strengthening the country's army over the next 10 years, the Kremlin's biggest military spending spree since the Cold War.”

The same article notes that Putin “promised to beef up support for ground forces, pledging to build more than 400 modern intercontinental ballistic missiles for ground and sea forces, as well as dozens of submarines and more than 600 warplanes. New weapons should be developed through original research and development, rather than copying those manufactured in the West, he said.”

It seems the “projects of war” Evaristo's Lucy assured us had miraculously vanished in 1993 are back, and bigger than ever. But Evaristo and the other False Friends of Fatima, both low and high, have spent the last 28 years proclaiming the conversion of Russia in the face of overwhelming evidence that the old Russia has never really gone away. The complicity of the False Friends of Fatima in the frustration of Russia's true consecration will be the subject of my new book by that title, coming soon (God willing) from The Fatima Center.