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"Conversion of Russia" Update:

Democracy Goes Poof in
"Converted" Russia

Radio Free Europe Banned Once Again

by Christopher A. Ferrara
October 24, 2012

I am no fan of democracy, as anyone who has read my new book would know. Yet it is the supposed emergence of democracy in Russia that Fatima revisionists have been attempting to pass off as Russia's "conversion" in place of the real thing called for by Our Lady of Fatima — you know, that old fashioned notion of actually returning to the one true Church established by Christ to make disciples of all nations.

Well, an article at reports the news that the democracy of the air waves has gone poof in Russia. In a story headlined "Obama Appeases Putin By Ending U.S. Broadcasts Into Russia," we read that "With President Obama's friend Vladimir Putin getting a dubious 64% in a five-way presidential race in March, this is no time to pretend Russia is free. Radio Free Europe's Radio Liberty is shutting down its Russian broadcasts after six decades. The official excuse, as the Washington Free Beacon reported Monday, is a new law endorsed by Putin barring foreign media from the AM dial."

The article refers to this development as the "Russian reset" — a return to dictatorship — in which Obama is assisting. recalls the incident in which Obama was heard on an open microphone assuring Putin's puppet Medvedev that "after my election [in 2012] I have more flexibility" to do what Putin wants. Well, Obama has delivered early on his promise by quietly assenting to the ban on Radio Free Europe. further notes that at the Democratic convention Obama mocked Mitt Romney's hard stance against Putin as being "stuck in a Cold War mind warp." But, as the article concludes, "it is Putin who is warping the minds of the Russian people with disinformation, and Obama has just ended a key means of counteracting that."

Of course, this Cold War business — godless democratic regimes in a crusade against godless communist ones — is not what the Message of Fatima is all about. The Message of Fatima is about the conversion of both democracy and communism in the Reign of Mary, which will follow the proper consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.

At any rate, yet another piece of evidence joins the mountain of evidence against the "conversion of Russia" since the "consecration" of everything but Russia in 1984. We will do our duty here at by inventorying all the evidence the Fatima revisionists have ignored in their determination to follow blindly into the ditch Cardinals Sodano and Bertone, the blind guides of the anti-Fatima Party Line. Someday there will be an accounting. Perhaps these archives will be of use.