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"Conversion of Russia" Update:

What About that Russian Sub?

by Christopher A. Ferrara
November 26, 2012

An article in Business Insider magazine online explores the implications of the explosive story by conservative reporter Bill Gertz of the Washington Times that a Russian Akula class Russian submarine was “lurking in the Gulf of Mexico for weeks, evidently undetected by the U.S.”

This incursion, if it happened, is “unusual and alarming,” as Business Insider notes, because while “cat and mouse games between Soviet and American sub forces were fairly commonplace during the Cold War, these types of missions are very rare now, with the last acknowledged set of occurrences reported by the New York Times in 2009.”

Why, Business Insider asks, would Russia “be willing to escalate the situation by sailing an attack sub into the Gulf of Mexico?” And it seems the incursion took place at the same time Russia was sending Tupolev bombers into restricted airspace in another apparent feeler into US defenses.

But did the submarine incursion actually happen? The Navy has refused to comment, while the Pentagon “has thus far denied the incursion...” The Russian Defense Ministry will neither admit nor deny that it happened. The probable conclusion, therefore, is that it did.

Republican Senator John Cornyn has fired off a letter to the Pentagon “demanding clarification” and noting that the incursion “is especially troubling given the drastic defense cuts sought by President Obama, which include reductions in funding for antisubmarine defense systems.”

What is “converted” Russia doing sending attack submarines into restricted waters and bombers into restricted airspace? Clearly, it is probing America's national defenses and gathering information for use in attack scenarios. This was no pleasure cruise to Acapulco.

I am reminded of Carlos Evaristo's ridiculous report that “Sister Lucy” told him that after the 1984 consecration-that-wasn't, in Russia “Everything changed! and (sic) these projects of war ... changed into projects of peace! ... These were projects to terminate everything that have now changed into projects to liberate!”

Attack submarines and bombers would not appear to constitute “projects of peace.” They would appear to be implements of war — sabers that Mr. Putin is rattling to signal that “converted” Russia is the same old Russian bear, whose apparent hibernation has concealed a conscious plan for bold new activity. Hence the new generation of Soviet nuclear missiles and the military alliance with Red China, including joint military exercises.

Projects of peace? Only to those who are blind to the reality of the situation: Nearly thirty years after the consecration-that-wasn't, the “former Soviet Union” is being reborn as a neo-Stalinist dictatorship by a ruler who has systematically snuffed out all opposition to his reign. The Russian sub in the Gulf of Mexico is but one sign of a peril that has never gone away: the peril of the errors of Russia, which have spread throughout the world.