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"Conversion of Russia" Update:

Is Putin on the Way Out?

by Christopher A. Ferrara
December 10, 2012

In a recent article The London Telegraph reported that the Russian newspaper Vedomosti has cited “two Kremlin-linked sources” who revealed that Vladimir Putin “exacerbated an old back problem” during a publicity stunt in which, portraying himself as Mr. Vigorous, he flew in a motorized hang glider to guide a flock of Siberian cranes flying south for the winter.

There is something very mysterious about this “back injury.” As the Telegraph notes, Putin announced that “he would not do his annual call-in show on television, usually held in early December.” How would “an old back problem” prevent Putin from appearing on a call-in show?

According to Putin’s mouthpiece, Dmitry Peskov, “It’s...just an ordinary sporting injury, Putin strained a muscle then.” The call-in show was put off until “a warmer time when people’s ‘ears and feet would not freeze.’” Huh?

And how would a strained muscle account for Putin calling off his appearance at the International Arctic Forum at the last minute, postponing his appearance at the summit of former Soviet states in Turkmenistan in November, and postponing without date his planned trip to India?

Vedomosti, notes the Telegraph, further revealed that Putin “was undergoing medical treatment on his back and doctors’ ‘main recommendation’ was to avoid flying, which could have a negative effect on his spine.” What sort of “back sprain” would preclude flying?

That a cover-up is going on became more evident when, as Business Insider reports, the “planned Russia-Japan talks have been unexpectedly postponed” and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda has been quoted as saying that “President Putin’s health condition is bad. It’s about [Putin’s] health problem. This is not something that can be made public.”

The Kremlin is denying that Putin is suffering from any serious health problem, but in a public appearance in early November, during which he walked slowly instead of in his usual brisk strongman style, the Russian dictator didn’t look so good. It appears he has suddenly lost a considerable amount of weight. See for yourself:

Does Putin have cancer? Is he on the way out of this world? What will this mean for the long saga of Russia’s consecration? Is it the prelude to a glorious fulfillment of Russia’s divinely appointed destiny? Or is it really, after all, just a back sprain suffered on a hang glider?

Soon enough we will find out the truth behind the Kremlin’s wall of denial. And when we do, the Fatima Center will be ready to explore its implications for the Consecration of Russia so long delayed.