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“Conversion of Russia” Update:

Selling out the Ukraine for Ecumenism

by Christopher A. Ferrara

On June 18, 2001 FIDES/ reported that “For the first time, a Russian newspaper has given a Catholic prelate the space to present his views on the splits within Christianity in Ukraine.” Wow! Another “miracle” in the miraculous story of Russia’s “conversion”.

Not exactly. The prelate in question, Cardinal Ljubomir Husar, the Major Archbishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, was given the interview because he played the perfect toady to the Orthodox. Here is what Husar said, verbatim:

“If Ukraine had just one Church, founded by our Holy Prince Valdimir, holding relations with the Roman Pontiff, we would want to be part of this Church which could rightly be called the One Ukrainian Orthodox Church.”

So, Cardinal Husar would gladly abandon the name Catholic in favor of “the Ukrainian Orthodox Church”, if only this Church had “relations with the Roman Pontiff”. And this from a prelate who knows that Stalin killed millions of Catholics to wipe the name “Catholic” from the face of the Ukraine.

“Relations with the Roman Pontiff” is an interesting phrase. Does it mean submission to the Roman Pontiff as the Vicar of Christ? Of course not. According to Husar “We have always seen the role of the Pope as that of Saint Peter the Apostle: he has the authority to unite all Christians, but he does not command them.” Let me emphasize that: Cardinal Husar, of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, says that the Pope does not command the Church! This amazing revelation is evidently supposed to make the Orthodox come running hither.

Ah, but it is even worse than this. According to FIDES — which, by the way, is a Vatican operation — Husar went on to say that the Pope “should be seen as a ‘symbolic’ rather than ‘juridical’ leader of the Eastern churches, and relations between Kiev and Rome should be seen in terms of 'communion' rather than ‘submission’.” So under Husar’s concept of ecumenism the Pope would be “juridical leader” only for Western Catholics, but only a “symbolic” leader for Eastern Catholics, who would not have to submit to the Pope's authority. What can one say?

It seems that ecu-maniacal Churchmen will say anything for the sake of ecumenism. When one thinks of the millions of Ukrainian Catholic martyrs who died for the sake of adherence to the Vicar of Christ during the Stalinist terror, and when one thinks of Husar’s remarks today … well, there are some things one should not put in print.