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Putin Returns to Stalin’s Foreign Policy

by Christopher A. Ferrara

Well, the deed is done. On July 15, 2001, Vladimir Putin, in an overt return to the Stalinist era, signed a “friendship treaty” with Red China. As reported by AP, the stated aim of the “friendship treaty” is to forge a “new international order” and ”offset U.S. global influence.”

In their joint statement hailing the great event, Vladimir Putin and Jiang Zemin “expressed hope for a ‘just and rational new international order’ to reflect their concept of a ‘multipolar’ world led by the United Nations, rather than Washington.” In other words, a godless international order which will impose a worldwide regime of contraception and abortion a regime in which, sooner or later, Catholics will be persecuted to the ends of the earth.

The treaty states that the two nations were not forming a military alliance against the West: “The military and military-technical cooperation between the two countries … is not directed against third countries.” Well, if Vladimir and Jiang say so, we can trust them, can’t we?

The “friendship treaty” does not bode well for Taiwan. According to the treaty “Russia acknowledges that there is only one China, the government of the People’s Republic of China is the only legitimate government representing all of China, and Taiwan is an inalienable part of China … Russia opposes any kind of independence for Taiwan.” Accordingly, Russia has been assisting Red China in its military buildup, including “billions of dollars worth of Russian jets, submarines, missiles and destroyers”, making China “the biggest customer for Russia’s ailing military industrial complex.”

Isn’t it just miraculous how peaceful Russia has become, now that the “consecration” has been done? It’s just one miracle after another in Putin’s Russia since 1984: 3.5 million abortions a year; the population dwindling by 700,000 people per annum; onerous legal restrictions on the Catholic Church; the shutting down of all independent television and radio stations; state surveillance of news reporters, many of whom have recently died in “accidents”; and now this wonderful “friendship treaty” with the blood-drenched Red Chinese regime.

Putin and Jiang say that “the Russian-Chinese border from now on will become a border of ‘eternal peace’.” Peace, that is, in the communist sense. Which means a lack of opposition to Satan’s designs. For this we have not only Russia and Red China to thank, but also that dedicated cadre of Fatima revisionist dupes, who are world communism’s strongest allies within the Catholic Church.