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“Conversion of Russia” Update:

Cardinal Sodano’s “Triumph of Liberty”

by Christopher A. Ferrara

As Catholics around the world went to Mass on Sunday, July 15, Red Chinese President Jiang Zemin went to Moscow. Jiang — who viciously persecutes the Catholic Church and oversees China’s forced abortion policy — was in Moscow for “a four-day visit to sign a landmark friendship treaty between the former Communist rivals and discuss a common opposition to U.S. national missile defense plans.” [AP report, July 15, 2001]

AP observed that “the treaty Jiang and Russian President Vladimir Putin are expected to sign after talks in the Kremlin on Monday will be the first such document since 1950, when Josef Stalin and Mao Tse-tung forged a Chinese-Soviet alliance that later soured into rivalry.” So, 17 years after the “consecration of Russia”, Vladimir Putin returns to Stalin’s foreign policy on Red China. We have reached yet another milestone in the “conversion” of Russia proclaimed by the Fatima revisionists.

AP reports that Jiang himself observed that “The friendship and cooperation treaty which I am going to sign with President Putin has a historic importance … I am sure that the forthcoming visit will help strengthen bilateral political confidence and deepen traditional friendship, expand mutually beneficial cooperation, help further joint development and open a new page in the development of Chinese-Russian relations.”

According to AP, the so-called “Cold War-era rivalry" between China and Russia (a “rivalry” designed for the West’s consumption) “began to ease in the late 1980s under Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.” Now Russia and China have “what the two countries described as a ‘strategic partnership” in the 1990s.” Thanks to Gorbachev’s opening to the Red Chinese: “China bought some $1 billion worth of Russian weapons last year, retaining its position as the biggest client of Russia’s ailing military industrial complex. Beijing has also been buying Russian air defense missiles, submarines and destroyers.”

But according to the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Gorbachev is responsible for the “triumph of liberty” in Russia. [Zenit, June 27, 2001] This, presumably, is why Sodano invited Gorbachev to the Vatican to celebrate the late Cardinal Casaroli’s Ostpolitik, i.e. the Vatican's policy of non-confrontation and non-condemnation of communist regimes. Sodano evidently regards the current condition of Russia as a great success for Vatican diplomacy.

But what does Cardinal Sodano mean by “the triumph of liberty” in Gorbachev’s Russia? The liberty to sell weapons of mass destruction to the diabolical Red Chinese? The liberty to abort 3.5 million children a year? The liberty to impose onerous legal restrictions on the Bride of Christ in Russia? This is the liberty of the French Revolution, the liberty of man from God. It is certainly not the true liberty of Christian civilization — a liberty which, as Pope Leo XIII taught in his encyclical Libertas humana, can never exist in modern political societies which reject the social kingship of Christ.

Meanwhile, the International Olympic Committee has awarded Beijing the 2008 Olympic Games, prompting Vladimir Putin to send his blood-drenched friend Jiang a telegram of congratulation. “It’s symbolic that such an important decision was made in Moscow just before the historic visit,” Putin’s telegram said. So, the New World Order — including the “triumph of liberty” in Russia — marches on. The butchers of Beijing will host the entire world for bread and circuses in 2008. It will be a great celebration of “the triumph of liberty.”

Indeed, the Beijing Olympics of 2008 — a celebration of man in a stronghold of the devil — will be a showcase of the entire post-Fatima future. This is the world the Fatima revisionists, led by Vatican diplomats like Sodano, would have us accept as the fulfillment of Our Lady’s promise of the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.

As Saint Paul teaches, God will not be mocked. Nor will God allow His Mother to be mocked by the Vatican’s own abandonment of the true “triumph of liberty” — the triumph of the Immaculate Heart proclaimed by the Virgin at Fatima.