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The Chinese-Russian Connection and September 11

by Christopher A. Ferrara

Well, it didn’t take long. Already the Russian connection to the terrorist attack of September 11 is beginning to emerge.

In an article for EWTN (September 19, 2001), Steve Mosher reports that “Evidence is now emerging … which suggests that China has been providing assistance” to the Taliban, the militant Moslem regime in Afghanistan which shelters Osama bin Laden and made possible his “holy war” on the U.S.

Mosher notes that while China has formally condemned the attacks, “actions speak louder than words.” Mosher observes that “One sign of China’s growing closeness to the Taliban came last December. The U.N. Security Council voted 13-0 to place an embargo on arms sales to the Taliban until they closed bin Laden’s terrorist training camps in their country, and extradited him to stand trial abroad. Beijing, however, abstained.”

Very curious. But more curious still, “while most members of the international community have spoken out against al Qaeda’s terrorist training schools, China has remained curiously silent, despite it’s known concern about Islamic terrorism in its own Western provinces.” Mosher asks: “Has some sort of private accommodation between Beijing and the Taliban been reached?” I would bet the farm that the answer is yes.

According to Mosher, “Beijing has continued to hold secret negotiations with the Taliban. One result of these negotiations has been a recently signed contract between China’s Huawei Technologies Co. and the Taliban which calls for Huawei to build an extensive military communications system throughout Afghanistan.”

Bingo. As we know, in addition to signing a military contract with the Taliban, China has also signed a military and “friendship” pact with the Soviet Union. In a recent column (“China and Russia Becoming Bosom Buddies”) I noted that according to the official Voice of Russia radio station, Russia and China “have identical or similar positions on all key international problems.” Indeed, the very goal of the “friendship pact” is “to establish a ‘New World Order’ … which would challenge the perceived ‘unipolar’ world dominated by the United States.”

So, let us follow the sequence of events: 1) Russia signs a friendship pact with Red China, whose foreign policy goals are identical to Russia’s, including a New World Order to challenge America’s dominance; 2) Russia pours weaponry and military technology into China, which is in fact Russia’s largest military client; 3) China lends military assistance to the Taliban, which 4) shelters the Muslim fanatics who killed 6,000 Americans on September 11, and 5) China, Russia’s great friend, abstains from an embargo on weapons sales to the Taliban.

If this is the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, I would hate to see the defeat of the Immaculate Heart (if that were possible). But rest easy, folks, the Vatican has its priorities in order: Father Gruner was declared “suspended” by “the Congregation for the Clergy upon the mandate from a Higher Authority” — for nothing — within hours of the worst terrorist attack in world history, and the whole Church has been warned not to attend his apostolate’s conference on Fatima and world peace. And just in case anyone missed the Vatican’s notice on September 12 (have they no shame?), a “reminder” that Father Gruner is “suspended” was issued by the Vatican on September 18.

God help us.