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Standing Up to Bishop Adamec

by Christopher A. Ferrara

God does not permit an evil without ultimately drawing a great good from it. The ongoing exposure of the North American bishops’ complicity in the homosexual invasion of the clergy, and their cover-up of the resulting epidemic of priestly sex-abuse, has finally aroused a sleeping laity.

A case in point: Bishop Joseph Adamec of the Diocese of Altoona, Pennsylvania. On May 20, 2002, Associated Press reported that a local businessman, Brian Kaleita, has published a prominent newspaper ad urging the faithful to withhold donations to the diocese until "Adamec reveals how much the diocese has paid ‘to silence victims of sexual abuse.’ The ad also wants Adamec to hand over the names and church records of known abusers to civil authorities and to stop using the controversial psychologist  —  Dr. David J. Brown of State College  —  to screen seminary candidates."

According to Kaleita, "Dr." Brown has "publicly argued that homosexuality is normal and natural." And this is the man Adamec has screening seminary applicants! Adamec says Kaleita’s initiative is "a diabolical attack." But what is diabolical is Adamec’s approach to the homosexual infiltration of the clergy in his diocese. As AP notes, "The largely rural diocese covers eight counties and has 114,000 parishioners," yet this tiny diocese has "already paid $1.2 million in damages to an Akron, Ohio, man who sued in 1987, saying he was abused as a child by a former priest," and diocesan officials "refuse to discuss money paid out in another settlement in Ebensburg in the 1980s."

Meanwhile, Adamec has appointed "a four-person panel to review future allegations of child sex abuse by priests in the diocese." A four-person panel to review future sex-abuse allegations in a diocese with only 114,000 people? Just what exactly is Adamec expecting to come down the pike? Evidently, Adamec knows a great deal that he is not disclosing to the faithful of Altoona, Pennsylvania. I would wager that his seminary "screener" has allowed quite a goodly number of homosexuals to be ordained in this tiny diocese, that Altoona has become a magnet for homosexuals seeking ordination, and that Adamec knows what some of these priests have been up to. He certainly would not form a committee if he knew nothing of any further cases of priest-abuse on his watch.

So I say, God bless Brian Kalieta and his principled opposition to yet another feckless prelate of the post-conciliar North American ecclesial establishment. No bishop who continues to ordain admitted homosexuals should receive a farthing from the faithful. Enough is enough.